CO visits me today

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    These two elders initially assured you that they won't use what you said against you, so that you would feel free to let your hair down. Now that "they" know you are a dangerous apostate, expect an invitation to an official interrogation by other elders who will know exactly what you said and will know the exact self-incriminating questions to put to you.

    I remember years ago at my JC hearing the assured me that what I said would not be used against me but then after when they DF'd me they used my words against me. They are a bunch of f*ing liars. They just want you to open up and confide in them and then use your words against you. They do not care about the indidual person. You could be on the brink of suicide, yet they would still DF you as there first duty is to protect the corporate real estate holdings company the WT.

  • Crazyguy

    Chook will be DFD!

  • tiki

    You nailed it....I'm a little surprised they lasted that long...but then its fs time to write on a slip of paper....excellent points made. Wish I were that gutsy! But then we get no visitation....haha..

  • Chook

    Many predicted I would be DF since this CO visit but I slipped the noose , I'm moving house in next 3 weeks then I will be free of any lynching procedures. Just an update.

  • Gorbatchov

    Last year we got a knock knock on the front door. I did not open.

    Great story, you have guts.


  • zeb

    chook, your posting could be improved ever so by using dot points.

    But a stunning denunciation!

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