CO visits me today

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  • HereIgo

    Chook, great job! it's funny because if the same thing happened to me, I would be hesitant but probably would end up talking to them also! We are armed with so many strong, factual arguments against the org. I liked the point you brought out about how Jesus never mentioned Jehovah's name, I never thought about that before.

  • Chook

    You won't believe he invited me to a cong light refreshments on Saturday night and said we were invited I said I think that might be a bad idea ,because if someone asks me why I no longer go I don't want to tell them the truth .I think he only invited me was for the sake of the wife and son who turn up 20 minute before the "burning "ended . My son is long haired apprentice tradesman who puffs to much weed and loves meditating, I think the party might not end well.

  • Worldling9

    Chook, you're the man. Excellent work.

  • wannaexit

    Wow! you got a lot off your chest! Some of what you said must have had an effect on one or both. Good for you and thanks for sharing.

  • Wayward

    chook, you get the hero award. I only wish I'd had your presence of mind the last time a pair of elders showed up at my door.

  • stuckinarut2


    Well done for not cowering in fear before them.

    They are after all just men.

    The ONLY power they have over you, is that which you allow.

    By the way, Im deeply sorry to read about your friend who's son hung himself. That must be a devastating experience.! Was that family in Perth when that happened?

  • 2+2=5

    I like your style.

  • steve2

    Chook - you da man! When I began reading your post, I though "Uh -oh. This looks bad." But as I read on, I felt of surge of excitement. Go man! Your closing line is priceless - utterly priceless and here it is in all its consummate wisdown:

    l said in my final parting that my beliefs are the same as Geoffrey Jackson who said it would be " presumptuous " to believe JWs are the only Chanel.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Well done...good logic used.

    I did the same thing when a C.O and Elder called on me 3 years after I last attended a meeting. He was shocked that no one had called on us before and by the time I was done with him he didn't know what to say or do. They don't know what to do when someone goes off the script they've rehearsed at the meetings and when someone dares to challenge not only their lame doctrines but also their very authority. Their usual logic and rationalizations no longer apply when that happens.

    I never heard a word back from anyone ever again and I suspect you won't either. On some level they know they don't have a leg to stand on and had better stick to the easy marks.

  • Chook

    Also during the conversation I asked if I hid immortality would I still serve on book counter at hall and he said probably not, to which I quoted elder book page 38 paragraph 19 which says it's possible for an elder to keep his job after hiding immorality. I said the people at the top have different rules. I asked if I announced publicly at the meeting that it presumptuous to think the governing body is Gods Chanel , would that offend some and could I be dealt with judicially , to which he said is possible, then I said you better talk to your boss Geoffrey

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