CO visits me today

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  • pale.emperor

    I asked if I announced publicly at the meeting that it presumptuous to think the governing body is Gods Chanel , would that offend some and could I be dealt with judicially , to which he said is possible, then I said you better talk to your boss Geoffrey.


  • Listener

    You recalled so much information for an impromptu meeting. They may wonder what else you would bring up if you had been given advance notice of a meeting.

  • jaydee

    Hey there Chook,

    good post M8,

    I would love to of had that secretly recorded

    thanks for sharing

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  • Heartsafire

    Score for Chook! Im not certain the CO will keep his word. We know this Borg plays dirty!

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I had my fair share of Elders visiting me over the years. I always made sure to remain factual, say some shocking things that, in of themselves, are not apostate. For instance:

    • Did you see the progress at Warwick? Yes. Very impressive. I saw the transactions reported in the papers. I didn’t know the society had so much investments in NY: 1.2 billion!!! And they still have 9 buildings to sell! So do you brothers know what exactly they are doing with the profit?
    • To the CO: I really admire your devotion. No retirement plan, no safety net. No health insurance since your volunteers, not too many vacations either, always on the road. Not enough to put anything in the bank and no children / grandchildren if you ever grow old in this system. You are really, really dedicated.
    • Yeah, I keep a look at the site. Never had seen the governing body so close. I imagine that it must be getting somewhat difficult to go around unnoticed as they used to do. But then again, they’ll be isolated in Warwick, in the middle of the forest, mountains, and a lac. Man, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place like that? But seriously, who can afford a chalet these days?
    • Isn’t it sad what happened to the girl who died for a lack of blood? The saddest thing out of this is that even when she’ll be resurrected, she’ll never have the privilege to raise her kid, she’ll be a stranger to him.
    • Yeah, I saw that report about the 20 or so brothers and sisters who died in a kingdom hall in the Philippines. It’s a strange feeling to know that in this world, you’re not safe anywhere, not even in a full kingdom hall.
    • Yeah, I see the carts out there. Did anyone you know take the truth as a result from those? Like do you have some success stories? – We placed 200 magazines. No, no. I meant, do you know how you actually impacted people’s lives? Did some people stop to drink, do drugs, smoke, etc?

    In of itself, it doesn’t challenges any teachings and cannot be considered apostate, but it sure makes them uncomfortable.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Chook, I admire your boldness and fearlessness. I do hope that the CO keeps his word to your about not using your statements against you (such as in a JC). The is the possibility that he could instruct the BOE to "leave Chook alone -- because he is not promoting his apostate views and he is not claiming to be a JW". I fear though that it is more likely that he will go back to the BOE and say "We were shocked at all the apostate ideas that Chook has espoused. You know, the direction from the GB is that a person does NOT have to be actively promoting their apostate ideas, just believing things contrary to what the Slave tells us is an 'apostasy" from the Truth. You have no choice but to keep the Congregation clean by forming a JC."

    I think this is a great example on "How NOT to Fade". Good luck. I hope they decide not to bother trying to "snatch you out of the fire" because that more often leads to someone being "burned at the stake". . . . Doc

  • KiddingMe

    Great work. Thanks for sharing???

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Well done, Chook! They may not use that conversation against you. But here's what they might do. Now that they know you are apostate, they may use another two witnesses to bait you into making apostate statements and then use those conversations as a basis to DF you. Or maybe they'll start a rumor in the congs that you are an apostate and so get you to be unofficially DF'd and shunned without officially acting against you.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Just the fact that they stayed that long to talked to you makes me believe that you were "witnessing" to them and they allowed it. Maybe, just maybe, you woke them up.

  • Chook

    Another thing I said to the CO was we baptise children from the ages of 10 onwards and these children when they get older aren't free to explore other religions without sanctions, these young ones are penalised for going to other church's to see if their parents were right.

    i gave him the illustration of ,who would buy a French car( not me ) without asking people who have owned French cars why they no longer own one, yet our church says we can't talk to ex members.

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