CO visits me today

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  • Chook

    I'm at home and hear knock on door , I sneak and look I see two men and recognise one voice and go back into lonunge and ask wife ( who is inactive believer) does she want to speak to elders ,she says no ,then literally 3 minutes has pasted another knock the 3 minutes seemed like an eternity. So brave heart me think fuck it I'll answer ,I invite them in for coffee, I recognise one older man he is a unique elder who I genuinely was fond of when I was in his name is Andrew ,the other guy I didn't recognise we will call Harry ( not real name Australia doesn't have that many COs with his same name).

    So I think to myself I will tread lightly and not cause to much of a fuss for the wife's sake, but my personality is very the opposite of treading lightly ,as you read my threads you will realise I'm not timid. 30 minutes pass of small talk then the warrior rises to the challenge ,this sheparding call went for nearly 3 hours . I don't no where to start ,it might not be in exact chronological order but it's all absolutely true. CO assured me what I say would not be used against me ( I didn't care at this point) I say my faith is challenged, CO why? I ask him will god hold responsible religious leaders who go beyond what's written and it costs the believer their life , to which the CO said yes, then I proceed to tell him my experience of being bitten by second most venomous snake in the world and needed antivenom which I go on to explain that JWs used to forbid , it fell into category of vaccinations and blood fractions ( it's made from horse blood). I say to CO if I was bitten 40 years ago as a JW I would have died based on a man written rule of a governing body that went beyond what's written. I proceeded to tell him how brothers lost their life on the issues of organ transplants, blood factions and also marriages were destroyed when they made rulings on oral sex ,then I asked did they go beyond what was written,of course you could see him feel uncomfortable. Then I tell him about the blood issue and reason with him how god made exceptions to the rule when the soldiers ate the unbled meat and Jesus in no uncertain terms made it clear that breaking gods law to save a life ( when sheep fell in the well on the sabbath ) was the greater good. I proceed to tell CO that if god holds these guy responsible for the deaths of these mislead parishioners then I don't want to be any where near mr Morris or Lett when the flames hit Warwick. I said the legacy of broken marriages and children without parents due to elders making rulings on things like oral sex , I told him the church ( I always referred to KH as church ) has made dozens of rulings over the years which literally cost people their lives and marriages.

    Then I tell him about the disfellowshipping practice which in 1947 awake said it was a pagan practice, I ask him which is it , is it pagan or was god not directing the brothers when that article was written. Then I tell him about the suicides after people have been disfellowshipped for crimes that the leaders went beyond what was written. I go on to explain how I arrived at my best friends house an hour after he cut the rope from his child's neck and I then explain how this boy had emotional demons caused by the religion, I go on to explain how the boy was having trouble getting reinstated once due to hardline elders. I said if the clergy have a firey judgement , then there a good chance fire and sulphur could be headed to Brooklyn. My wife was kicking me under tithe table during all of this.

    CO goes on to tell me it's gods organisation to which I respond by asking that if God chose the WT then is he aware of some of the crackpot beliefs back when it was founded, I explained in finished mistry book signs for end of world barbed wire ,push bikes, then I tell him about the WT that said about fondling babies genitals leads to the child becoming a masturbater.

    Then I ask why does he think it's only JW who will be saved when it was a catholic monk who put the vowels into tettrigramiton( my spell check is shit ) or that the bible books were compiled by people who we would consider as Babylon the great.

    Then I proceed to explain my wordly childhood verse the one I subjected my children to ( no sport, no wordly friends, no school camps no no no no no.) Then I tell him how my children observed how an elder stole the family trailer and another elder physically shoved one of my children verse their uncle who is a clergyman who took my kids on holidays with them and treated the children with respect. I said ask my kids who reflected Jesus more. I go on to explain how I sat at my kitchen table in the past and had a CO lie to me and when I pointed out to the CO and the elder with him I didn't believe their statement and the we should approach the person together to see if this is actually true the CO refused to go. I tell Harry the CO at my house today that that I have no fear of their boogeyman Judical procedure which I'm in agreement with the 1947 wake and think it's pagan, also I told him the father of the prodigal son didn't wait six months for the family BBQ wither the son.

    Also I raised the issue of the preaching that didn't reflect first the century , I said could you imagine them standing on the cobblestone paths with a cart not approaching people with their scrolls and counting hours that have to be sent to Jerusalem for record collecting.

    Then I ask if Jehovah witness is gods true religion why did Jesus never utter the name Jehovah , also I said I think if God wanted his people to be called that his son would of mentioned that.

    I go on to tell this CO that an elder told me once I was sinning against gods Holy Spirit , and I replied that if my wife was in agreement with me is she sinning against the Holy Spirit to, to which the elder said yes. I go on to explain to Harry the CO that the fear factor has no power over me, then I say the clergy may have hell but your guys have your own name version called Gehenna where the fire never goes out.

    It went on in this manner for 3 hours ,to which Harry the CO as leaving assured me when leaving that nothing I said wouldn't be used against me. To all my prophetic friends on here I want to see who of you guys can predict what will happen to me in the future regarding the church.

  • Listener

    After you telling them all that, I guess they don't expect you to return. Don't be surprised that when they next come calling, they invite you to a JC.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    phew--i bet after all that both you--and the CO---were exhausted.

    i know i am--just reading it.

    why does the word " toast" come to mind.?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I truly admire your fearlessness. I'd just have used my prepared "firewall" - private & personal!

    Honestly, I reckon the C.O. will advise the elders not to bother you, and to "let sleeping dogs lie" - as long you remain "sleeping."

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    I smell cooked goose or in this case chook Surely you did not believe his claim that what you said would not be used against you

  • Chook

    No Lou, l said in my final parting that my beliefs are the same as Geoffrey Jackson who said it would be " presumptuous " to believe JWs are the only Chanel.

  • pale.emperor

    Love it Chook!

    "wont be used against you" ??? What, are you in a court of law? Have you committed a crime? Who the F does he think he is? (oh, yh, we all know who he thinks he is).

    I only hope i can remember all of your points when i get my 1 year disfellowshipped "shepherding" visit. You have no idea how much im looking forward to it. Got my mp3 recorder ready and everything.

  • millie210

    I LOVE all of it especially the parting shot.

    Really good job chook!

  • JWdaughter

    Man, your shins must be bruised by now. Who starts a friendly conversation with the phrase "your words won't be used against you"? They think they are the police AND God?

    I doubt they will call you. You are already DF'd. You said it in front of 3 witnesses and two of them are elders who will report to the others. The good news is that this is only for your good, so in that sense, your words are not being used "against" you, but rather to your benefit.

  • User99

    That was truly beautiful. I was anticipating at the end that the CO would extend an offer to attend his special talk that Sunday! But maybe he was really listening? I'm surprised he let you go on more than just a few minutes.

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