I Feel Saaaaaad today :(

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  • breal

    Oh Estee - I am sorry to hear this.

    Follow your heart and do whatever you feel is right. Be it a bunch of peonies delivered on her wedding day, a card, a letter... Or just a quiet moment spent thinking of her on that special day!



  • Prisca


    I am so sorry that you daughter has been so cruel, and I wish there was some way of taking away the pain for you. You are a much-loved person on this board, so I hope that all the love and empathy that everyone shows to you here will give you the strength to get through this difficult situation.

    Like talesin, I am the daughter that is being shunned, and on top of that I have no mother anymore - she died many many years ago. If I lived closer I would adopt you as a "mummy" and if I ever got married, you would be a Very Special Guest.


    (((Estee))) - I just got in from hanging out with Jesse who is visiting me here in Toronto.

    I was just reading to him, your post. His first response was: 'Oh no'.

    Me too!

    I remember the thread you started a little while ago about not only sending your daughter those beautiful Peonies, but that you handed them to her: in-person (very brave).

    I have no suggestions or ideas. I just wish I was there in Vancouver to simply be with you.

    Incidentally, I mailed off something to you yesterday. You'll receive it, hopefully by the end of the week.

    Funny how being here on this forum has created a vast and rather extensive network of 'Chosen Family' - one that I love and cherish on a daily basis.

    Lots of hugs, love and moral support from yer l'il bro', east of Manitoba.


    Thank you ALL who gave me hugs of support.... StinkyPantz, Lady Lee, Prudence.


    Well....this thread does not let me post a big long one....so I'm trying a bit at a time...hope it works...

    William Penwell wrote:

    I am here for you ((((((Estee)))))) if you need a hearing ear ~~ Will

    Thanks Will!!! I appreciate your support! You are a goooooood friend!


    cruzanheart wrote:

    However badly she is behaving, she IS your daughter and somewhere down the road she may need her mama again, and you will have graciously left the door open for her. ~~ Nina

  • happyout

    ((((((( Estee ))))))))))))))

    I am so sorry to hear about this! I sincerely hope that one day your relationship with your daughter is once again one of love and respect. I can’t imagine what I would do in your situation, but I agree with Nina, follow your heart, it will tell you what to do. Whether that is going and standing to the side so that you can see her but she can’t see you, or sending a card or gift certificate, you raised your precious girl, and will know the best thing for the both of you.

    Sympathy and much love,


  • Candlestick02


    Again, just sending you my love and support. I know all too well about how painful it is to be in a torn mother-daughter relationship. I'm 28 now and a few years ago when I needed my mom's help and love the most, she turned her back on me. Talk about hurtful... how I wished I had a mom like you who would just accept me for me. I'll pray that your daughter will have a change of heart and maybe call you or something. I'm sure you'd just love to know that she loves you and wants you there to witness a very special day in her life. As it's been said, you know her probably just as good as anyone. I'm sure you know in your heart that she does love you. Even if her beliefs/position don't let her include you at the wedding, maybe you can still send her a note beforehand. Letting HER know how much you love her. Unless her heart is made of steel, that would mean a lot. You're her mom!!

    Crying with you,


  • Billygoat


    I understand to a certain degree. My brother got married last summer and never even sent me an invitation as a momento. It is sooo disappointing to be treated as the forgotten crazy relative.


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