What's The Point?

by AllTimeJeff 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • AllTimeJeff

    Menrov, that is exactly why I had to move on from the first marriage. The JW infection was too deep and ingrained. I would have had to commit a good chunk of my life to trying to wake her up, and I needed every last spare gallon of gas I had to spare to spend on my recovery.

    Blondie, fading is it's own thing. I didn't get it when I first left, but I do now. JW's sniff out inactivity very well, since their noses are so high in the air, but it never helps the feeling it puts in you.

    Phizzy, I am happy for you. I hope everyone is able to experience healing on some level, as soon as possible. We all deserve to be happy, and to know ourselves. (and to know that our first name isn't "brother" or "sister" lol)

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