Convention Weirdness

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  • rebel8
    one change though We were going to preach a message of doom not hide in a bunker

    In my area, the teaching was we'd do both...your book study was the hub of survival, as Outlaw said.

  • Quarterback

    I've seen many years go by and not a movie was released. I guess they are catching up

  • TheLiberator

    BlackWolf said: "there was nothing about going out in service or experiences that people had like usual."

    That to me is the weirdest part of your OP. Something is brewing.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A doomsday cult just has to be turning up the pressure all the time. The bunker idea and total dependence on the leaders "whether it makes sense or not" seems to characterise the later stages in the life of such a cult.

    In reality it is the cult itself and not "the system of things" which is doomed... and so at the end, like David Koresh at Waco, a siege mentality has to eventually be adopted as a final act of defiance to the world and as a demonstration to the faithful that their myth is coming true. It is an unsettling time for believers.

    ........................ get out while you still can!

  • BlackWolf

    I thought it was so strange that there was really nothing at all about preaching. It was all about remaining loyal to the org. I guess they finally realize that they aren't getting much growth and are really focusing on keeping those who still believe brainwashed. The videos disturbed me greatly. We're people supposed to find them encouraging?? To me they just emphasized how sad and hard the life of a jw is, you can never be good enough for the watchtower. :(

  • naazira
    The bunker video was encouraging to me! I want to imitate that kid who chose to stay behind and refused to follow his family to the bunker. I'm guessing he survived!
  • NewYork44M

    Were there quite conversations about how this was probably our last convention? That used to be the topic after every convention I ever attended.

    I can see these bunker videos really stirring up the emotions of those let that 100% stable. Which, defines most of the R&F.

  • blondie

    I found that jws only sought out their good friends from years long gone by, from other congregations in the circuit.

    I remember being instructed from the stage to greet those sitting near us that we did not know. We stupidly tried it and got the cold shoulder from them, with their tags on so they were jws. They ran from us and others towards their family and friends. They could not handle new friends, no time.

    I remember to elders who had no time for us at the KH. One would ask how you were as he quickly walked by not waiting for an answer.

  • paladin1

    Wife and I attended the Saskatoon convention July 1-3. Its all gloom and doom talk. When the basement confinement video started, I said to my wife bunker videos which made her think about it. It seems the WT$ is focussing on human emotions with the loyalty (obey) card being played. On the way home my wife mentions that no announcement was made about next years convention. I thought that was odd that no comment was made. Maybe the big A coming.

  • konceptual99

    Too true Blondie. I've only really noticed it since I have moved to the fringes of the congregation but your experience is still happening day in day out.

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