I feel slightly demonized after watching this

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    “The essence, the soul, of disco was shown to be free,“liberated” sexual expression….Satan is manipulating this world for his own purposes, shouldn’t we expect that he would also use the world’s entertainment in his efforts to turn people from true worship?” Awake 1979 Dec 22 p.20

    To cure me of the demons I just caught, maybe I should say 5 Hail Marys look at jw dot org 3x and put a napkin on my head the next 5 times my husband is in the room. Would that do it?

    Looks like completely wholesome fun to me, and good exercise. (Does anyone have the rest of the quote above? I remember talk of disco being a voodoo fertility ritual or something like that.)

  • sir82

    talk of disco being a voodoo fertility ritual or something like that

    That was the "Twist".

    There is a WT study article in 1962 or '63 which has, literally, like 12 or 15 long paragraphs on the evils of the "Twist".

  • fastJehu

    Disco—Is There Reason to Beware?

    readers respond to information presented in these columns on Disco

    IN ITS March 22, 1979, issue, Awake! warned its readers to beware of disco. The essence, the soul, of disco was shown to be free, “liberated” sexual expression.

    Yet, is there really reason to beware of disco and its sexually free life-style? Some who read the Awake! articles don’t think so.

    “I am a born again Christian,” wrote one. “I do not feel discos are as bad as you make them sound!”

    Another wrote: “Disco dancing, music and going out disco hopping from one place to another can be good clean fun and nothing like the garbage that was printed in Awake!”

    Still another said: “I just finished reading your magazine on discos, and I think the things you say are . . . very judgmental. You say discos mean sex, fornication, abuse—you’re crazy! Discos have good atmospheres.”

    That is the way a number have expressed themselves. Yet do they have matters clearly in perspective? In the first place, the Awake! articles were not condemning everything called “disco.” Secondly, there are important factors that none of us should overlook.

    Think about it. According to the Bible, Satan the Devil is “the ruler of this world.” He is “the god of this system of things.” (John 12:31; 2 Cor. 4:4) Since true Christians recognize that Satan is manipulating this world for his own purposes, shouldn’t we expect that he would also use the world’s entertainment in his efforts to turn people from true worship?

  • fastJehu

    Appreciative of the Warning

    By far the majority of those who wrote indicated that they have this Bible understanding of matters. They expressed thanks for the Awake! articles. Young ones and old alike said that they appreciated being alerted to the potential dangers of frequenting discos and seeing disco movies such as “Saturday Night Fever.” A sampling of these letters follows:

    A 21-year-old from Illinois says:

    “I am writing to you to thank you very much for the sound Scriptural counsel given in the March 22 ‘Awake!’ dealing with discos. The information given about ‘Saturday Night Fever’ shocked me.

    “I have to admit that, while I had no desire to attend discos, I did enjoy some of the dancing and music. I definitely agree that they promote a ‘look at me’ attitude. I never thought it was that important of a thing. Now, however, I realize how corruptive such an attitude can be.”

    Another 21-year-old, this person from Dallas, Texas, wrote:

    “After reading the disco ‘Awake!’ I learned many things. I can see how it can be compared to that ‘other’ music that Moses referred to when he came down that mountain. [Ex. 32:17-19] It really does bring out animalistic tendencies. Even ‘older’ folks can get carried away with its hypnotic beat.

    “Thank you so much for bringing out its origins and how it is involved with the ‘gay’ population. It really is something we young people need to stay away from. I am trying to readjust my thinking on it and realize how much Jehovah dislikes it. . . .

    “I hope our young Christian brothers and sisters will take it to heart so they can hear the best music of all in Jehovah’s new system!”

    From Portland, Oregon, came this short note:

    “I just want to thank you for the information in the March 22 ‘Awake!’ on disco. Before that time I was going downhill spiritually. But when I read Hebrews 11:24-26 it recharged my batteries and changed my attitude about life. None of the temporary enjoyments of sin can ever compare to what we will reap in Jehovah’s kingdom. Again thank you for bringing this interesting point to my attention.”

    The following are excerpts from a letter from a young person in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

    “At a time when I doubted my recreational activities and habits, the article came out and cleared the ‘gray’ area, for me at least. But it didn’t stop there, as if youth had nothing to look forward to. . . .

    “There is nothing ‘restrictive’ about wanting to serve God his way, even if it means ridicule from people that think ‘we are going too far.’ What it did for me was free me from doubts or hesitation about what I choose as entertainment. I am truly thankful for this enlightening material.”

    A straightforward letter was received from a youth in California. He wrote, in part:

    ‘I am 17 and was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was first introduced to disco by my cousin, who was a very good dancer. I really loved disco. I went to see “Saturday Night Fever,” and, in time, learned all the steps. I could do them just as good as Travolta. I began sneaking away to go to school dances, and won first place awards in disco dances. Everywhere I went I would clear the floor with my dancing, and it felt good to know people were looking in awe at my dancing. I soon had a Witness girlfriend in a different congregation who could dance like I could, but that was all we had in common. That soon ended and I was still dancing.

    ‘Then you wrote the articles on disco and it crushed me. I mean I love Bible truth, but I hated to give up my only hobby or anything that made me happy. I slowed down, but I didn’t stop. Then came the circuit assembly where disco was discussed and the talk about discos on one of our meetings. The speaker said that the reason for the magazine articles and parts on the assembly about disco was because somebody was not getting the point, and I knew it was me. So I really cut down on disco. Then I went to the movie “Hurricane,” and saw a tribal rite performed. It was exactly like what I was doing. When I saw it, it made me sick. So I quit disco.

    ‘I had heard reports of people committing fornication on the dance floor, and I came close to it myself. I am so glad that I am through with that way of life. I think we have a good group of youths who honestly love Jehovah. We all need encouragement from time to time so that is why I sent this letter. Thank you again.’

    A high-school student from Michigan explained how much she personally benefited from the articles, and then explained:

    “The ‘Awake!’ also served as a very good witnessing instrument in school. It is hard to find young people who think about God or even the problems in the world today. They live for today and not a care for tomorrow. So, the disco magazine fit in perfectly.

    “Many young people remarked on the quote from a psychologist on the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ and they also agreed the movie was sick as far as language and morals are concerned. They were also surprised to learn all that is involved in disco, and they appreciated the reasonableness in staying away from the harmful lights and sound levels that can cause physical damage.

    “So, dear brothers, I wanted you to know how very much we appreciated the information on disco. We are very thankful Jehovah keeps feeding us at the proper time and keeping us spiritually as well as physically healthy.

    “I hope, if Jehovah wills, you will publish more of these most interesting articles. For they not only help and guide us as Christians, but they are also attracting many young people to see the importance of living a clean life now, and the wonderful hope of living forever in peace.”

  • Dagney

    Good times.

    Boy do I remember those articles. And the picture with the disco ball.

    Thankfully in our area some of us just went dancing anyway and knew the WT was full of s$$t.

  • Heaven

    Coming soon... the evils of twerking. Or did I miss that article already?

  • Dagney

    Didn't the basement at Bethel have a full makeshift disco that was discovered?

    We had a gathering in the congregation once, whole families dancing, and some brothers tried to use the African fertility/twist article in the Awake! to get people in trouble. The other half of the BOE did not support them. My mother told the witch hunters that "no" they would not be meeting with me.

  • JeffT

    I won't go so far as to say it's Satanic, but I do think Disco was some of the crappiest music ever invented.

  • DesirousOfChange

    But "Line Dancing" in the Kingdom Hall is OK now for welcoming International Delegates for the Conventions.

    OK. That makes sense.

  • wifibandit

    AWAKE! - MARCH 22, 1979

    Disco - Is it for you?

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