I feel slightly demonized after watching this

by rebel8 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Vidiot

    All the JWs and evangelicals were right about disco.

    F**k disco.

  • Wild_Thing

    Dang! Trisha and Gary got it going on at 2:20!

  • rebel8

    AWAKE! - MARCH 22, 1979

    Disco - Is it for you?

    OMG I totally remember that article--it changed my life. I was 11.

    All of a sudden, I could not hang around the kids in the neighborhood because they were engaging in homosexual African fertility dances.. (Don't ask me how it could be both homosexual and a fertility dance. The two would seem to contradict each other due to biology.)

    I remember being told to refuse to listen to disco, watch TV and movies with my little friends because they were Satanic, fertility rituals, and gay. I am telling you, only abused 11-year olds talk like this. It is just so abnormal.

    I lost a good friend over this specific magazine. To this day, she remembers this, as do I.

    And all we were doing is dancing around in her basement, getting good, healthy exercise, and watching a movie here and there.

  • Heaven

    If you are dancing to disco in your basement it means you aren't out in Field Serve-Us. Anything that detracts from this is forbidden. Now get out there and recruit more people, preferably ones who have money and are willing to fork it over.

  • Chook

    Could you imagine Big Tony Morris in his tight pants showing the breakfast bethel boys a few disco moves. When those trumpets in heaven blow Big Tony will do the big disco move those hips will wiggle to slaughter of all those children the birds of heaven couldn't eat.

  • stuckinarut2

    Just a few weeks back, witnesses in New York held a fancy dress party in the disco theme! Pictures were posted all over social media!

    Many who attended are bethelites, and ones who have been used in official society publication pictures!

    Oh how times have changed....

    See, disco was just a fashion that has come and gone...no big deal, but as usual, the society made it a taboo thing....

  • Vidiot

    rebel8 - "...homosexual African fertility dances..."

    Damn, I've heard some contradictory shit come out of the Org, but that one definitely takes the taco. :laughing:

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