Jehovah's Witnesses ARE Christians, why do so many ex JW's deny this?

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  • Pistoff

    Would they sooner call themselves christians or worshippers of Jehovah?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    For me, if you heard me say "they are not Christian", it would be a phrase to mean:

    "If you want to call yourselves Christian, then act 'Christ like' "

    "Christians" say that Jesus was humble, or kind, or compassionate, or stood up for what was right, did not cave into hypocrisy. "Christians" say that they are "followers of Christ"

    So when this type of person acts the opposite of "Christ".... I say, "they are not Christian"

    Just as when a Vegan eats meat all the time.... Can we really call them 'Vegan'/

  • smiddy

    The Jehovah`s Witnesses religion is based on the Old Testament books and use the New Testament scriptures where it suits them to validate their claim to be a Christian this day and age.

    Their Theocracy , Bible teachings , Dramas , used at Conventions etc,,use of scripture , rely heavily on Old Testament scriptures and very few of their Dramas at Conventions relate to the New Testament , .or Jesus Christ teachings , or any of the Gospel accounts .They are predominately relying on Old Testament writings , why ? to give credence to their claim that Isa. 43:10-12 applys to them ,and them only.

    Despite the fact the Jews never identified themselves as JW`s.

    Jesus on earth never berated the Jews for not doing so .

    And Jesus himself never uttered the name Jehovah throughout his ministry or .even when he was dying on a torture stake /or cross

    { For Jehovahs Witnesses who may be looking } The WTB&TS publication Kingdom Interlinear of The Christian Greek Scriptures does not contain the Tetragrammaton at all ,so the name Jehovah does not belong in the New World Translation of The Christian Greek Scriptures

    Jehovah`s Witnesses are Christian in name only , they are not genuine ,the new Testament ,Christian Greek Scriptures lists approximately 30 scriptures where followers of Jesus are to bear witness to and for him .

    Their is not one scripture that tells followers of Christ Jesus to bear witness to or for Jehovah , not one.

    It is Jesus Christ that has the name everybody should bow down to in heaven on earth and under the earth , not Jehovah the NEW World Translation of The Christian Greek Scriptures

    You dont hear that in a Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Jehovah's Witnesses ARE Christians, why do so many ex JW's deny this?

    ..because Ex-JW raised the bar without being fusspots. They dont like hypocrisy or manipulation.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to
    i am being cared for in a church run nursing home there are several JW's here including a former Elder and special pioneer now suffering from dementure that used to boast about how the society would care for him in his old age
  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but I left Religion and now have learned a lot about the JW Religion. When the "Elder" sent that email saying goodbye and no real explanation, I was not going to buy this sudden no warning ending to 5 years. When I asked for an explanation I was told to read Acts. Nice try, I told him to read the end of Acts it says to meet the accuser face to face. And by the way now I have you in a string of lies. How Christian is this attitude? I also sent him pages of Bible verses on Love your neighbor, Giving to other, doing for other and many verses on lying and forgiveness. I got in return NOTHING about the end of Acts (was not about a face to face) AND 20 days of Bible verses and sermons of how I was reading the Bible incorrectly based on the Bible verses I sent him.

    As I had said to him over 5 years and again in the final emails I left Religion because a lot of so called Religious people call themselves Christians yet they have no idea how to act like a true Christian. Ultimately what made me walk away from Religion was men of the cloth LYING. One gaining personal information about me from a hospital he had no business having; I had a delightful lady working for me her ----- Elder husband worked in another department same level as I, doing his secretary during lunch, everyone in the company knew it but the wife; I was a member of the same church for 40+ years helped out with everything as much as possible then diagnosed with cancer and marriage fell apart all in a matter of 4 months went to minister who married us, we will be there for you -- not a person including him showed up and we lived one block from this enormous church.

    Here is a line I read in a book one I have shared it with my girlfriend who is a minister I know for a fact she lives by it. I also for 5 years shared it with the "Elder" on many occasions now I just wonder if it ever meant anything.

    Are you walking with God or are you making the appearance of walking with God?

    The Bible clearly states no lying. To love your neighbor. Take care of your family. I also believe there are part about forgiveness.

  • Fernando

    If being a Christian means belonging to a religious group that claim to follow Jesus, but in reality follow men instead, then the JWs are Christian as far as I can tell.

    However if a Christian is someone who follows Jesus, instead of a religious group, then the JWs are assuredly not Christian as far as I can tell.


    Being a Christian is not about specific beliefs about details that may or may not be correct.

    Being a Christian IS about the teachings of Jesus.

    Love one another, this includes EVERYONE including your enemies. That is what defines a Christian.

    When you love one another, you respect all humanity from the womb to the tomb. You wouldn't lie or bear false witness, you would promote real fruits for all.

    I've met plenty of JWs,many were looking for anwers and truth and were sincere in their search, but I have never met a Christian JW

  • LoveUniHateExams
    With the weight that JW"s give to the OT, what they call the Hebrew Scriptures, they hew closer to orthodox Jewish belief – you raise a good point.

    But JWs don’t celebrate Jewish holidays or festivals like Passover or Yom Kippur. Neither do they practice Jewish customs, like observing the Sabbath or compulsory circumcision. Rather, they believe Jesus was the Messiah.

    With the above in mind, it is reasonable to state that JWism is no part of Judaism.

  • prologos

    jws are just as "christian" as most other Christian denominations, wt claims to have the only true Christians, they mostly recruit from, , prey on other christian groups, do not recognize other baptisms, re-baptize in the name of the spirit- , err- [-directed organisation], so, in that way, they are just as exclusively christian as most of the rest of them.

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