Reporting Live From Orangeburg Assembly Hall

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  • HiddenPimo

    Salisbury is still in use.

    because they went to 1 day assemblies and they go 48 weeks of usage that’s $1,920,000 annual take per assembly hall.

    i have no idea how many Assembly halls there are but all assembly halls are paid for by donations so Orangeburg was in zero debt when it opened its doors in 2013.

    like I said before - it’s not a huge cost as I’ve spent more on popcorn and a ticket at the theatre / but it’s the deception as to why the money is needed.

    At Regionals they no longer mention the accounts as it is covered by WWW

    still a lot of money comes in at these I have seen it with my own eyes

  • DesirousOfChange

    If Jehovah was watching, then why do the elders need to be told?


    (Maybe it's because the Elders did not get to watch?)

  • loneranger


    interesting thread...I wrote of the same thing happenning at Orangeburg at the last CA 6 months prior

    This was then the first I heard of you indicate they were $5k in the hole from the last CA....that CA they reported $31K in expenses including a need for funds for work elsewhere. The money grab does continue...there is absolutely no financial transparency! The sheep are being fleeced, for sure. Noney must be for the lawyers and payouts for the losing pedo issues that persist.

    Interesting...more will see it and scratch their head...I hope.

    Thanks for updating us. I too am a PIMO who attends Orangeburg for CA. Not there on Sat April 27 as I was travelling...but assigned there. Greg Nuegent is the CO...I go to a Hall near where the now dissolved Clinton congregation was near.

  • sir82

    At the "business meeting" held for all elders, it is stressed quite emphatically that elders must not inform the publishers that there is a $10 / publisher "rate" that is charged for circuit assemblies. It's never stated why that is so drop-dead important, but it is repeated every time.

    $21,000 is the "fee" for 2100 publishers assigned to that circuit assembly.

    Actual operating expenses for 10 or so hours of electricity & water are undoubtedly well below $1000. Even factoring in depreciation for "wear and tear", circuit assemblies are still likely running at an 80 or 90% profit margin for the WTS.

    Circuit assemblies will never ever ever go away. Would you stop such an obvious cash cow?

  • HiddenPimo

    Sir82 - very very true. I don’t have the circuit accounting procedures but when I was in those meetings as an elder that’s exactly what was said...

    why that didn’t wake me up then I don’t know, cult mind control is a real thing.

  • loneranger
    loneranger you see from my note above, they had a similiar request for much additional money in the CA just 6 months beforehand. Amazing they got so much in that afternoon that they were only $5K in the hole as announced at your CA.


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