Reporting Live From Orangeburg Assembly Hall

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  • Gorbatchov

    If not enough money is donated they send the congregations a resolution to donate from the congregation account.

    So, left or right, the money comes in.

    And is predictable. It’s a property investment corporation.


  • HiddenPimo

    The interesting thing is that we carried a deficit from the last assembly in December of over $5k.

    You can hear the collective WTF from the audience when the accounts report is read.

    I used to work in the Accounting department at the circuit and we always covered the amount due, however, back then in the 2000’s the mandatory Tithe was far less as the circuit assemblies were 2 day events for $15k.

    the beautiful thing is that my dad is waking up to this particular area of the Borg.

  • careful

    HP, thanks for the post.

    The GB and other higher ups seem to have the idea that they can just go on fooling themselves and everyone else. I esp. appreciated your estimated age analysis. How telling! No wonder only 2% of the audience were under 18. Today this post appeared here of a 15-year-old who wants out:

    If she is any indication of what is going on among the Witness youth, they will come to sites like this one already in doubt about God, the org, etc., learn about the many secrets the org is hiding and lying about, and it will just fuel their desire to leave. The org can't control that!

    Interesting that your dad is waking up to their money shenanigans. South Carolina is nice this time of year, eh? No bad heat yet, but your storms have been nasty this spring. So do you have to go from NC to Orangeburg, SC for the assembly (I saw your NC 21 note)?

  • HiddenPimo

    Hi Careful - you are welcome for the information. Yes the young people are just socially at events.

    The baptism versus attendance indicates a growth of .4 % 9/2250 I know our circuit has had 10 disfellowshipings and 5 deaths

    so it’s shrinking for sure

    the circuit includes halls such as Shelby / Columbus / Forest City / Spartanburg / Simpsonville

    The CO is Gregory Nuegent

  • careful

    A straight shot down I-26, eh? How long does it take? Thanks for the further non-growth, really, as you say, shrinkage, info. I'm sure it can be duplicated in other Western lands, especially if this 15-yo girl from the Czech Republic is any indication. That's a pretty part of NC. Do you get to the mountains at all? There are some nice drives and trails up there.

  • HiddenPimo

    Straight shot down 26.

    mountains are great we all used to go to Salisbury NC and it had very comfortable seats and a dining area. I worked on that construction project as a teenager in the mid 90’s and now we go to Orangeburg in the middle of nowhere and very uncomfortable seating and you eat at your seat. I know out of the 2,250 in attendance I could not possibly be the only PIMO.

  • stillin

    HP, a couple of years ago there was an idea on this board that if you had to go to an assembly, you could wear a bandaid on one finger. That might get a conversation started with somebody else that was aware of the "clue." Not a bad idea and I was watching for one, but never spotted any.

  • Fiesta79

    Hi everyone, I'm new here but I DA'D almost 6 years ago. The money grabbing is disgusting and relentless! I was baptised in 1992 and had my first doubts about the whole thing as early as 1993! Stuck it out till 2013 and submitted my resignation. Best thing I've ever done. Cheers folks! :)

  • careful

    So HP did they sell the comfy Salisbury NC AH? If so, was it worth more $ than the Orangeburg one? Loved your current description that now "you eat at your seat"!

  • pontoon

    And the money grab goes many circuit assemblies, special days, whatever they call them now, each weekend, in hundreds if not thousands of assembly halls in the US alone. This is one huge money making scam raking in millions of $$$$$$ week after week just from assembly halls. Just think-- your circuit is done, next weekend another circuit is in, another $$ grab for what? oh, the same thing as your circuit, maintenance upkeep, repairs, utilities and so it goes, Assembly hall near me has something going on just about every weekend. Starting late spring or early summer it is used for district assemblies. Give them credit, they know how to rake it in.

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