ls homosexuality really normal?

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  • freddo

    Normal? As in usual, typical, common? No.

    Bit like pink coloured cars - there are a minority about and they catch the eye.

  • snugglebunny
    Although Coronation street is getting a bit annoying with the ridiculous number of gay and lesbian characters and constant kissing (which the heterosexual characters don't do). Feels like someone's propaganda.

    The media does seem determined that we should have lots of this on the screen right now. They're probably concerned that there'll be a PC backlash if they don't broadcast enough of it.

  • smiddy

    atomant , are you sexist ? you ask is it normal for two guys going at it as you put it .

    Whats your position about two girls going at it ? is that normal in your eyes ?

    Your making the mistake of many uninformed bigoted , ignorant people , and honing in on the sex act that loving couples have a right to enjoy.

    However , Gay and Lesbian relationships are by far, much more than the physical attraction , its also about commitment to one another through thick and thin ,with a lifelong relationship ,which may include children and family.

    And that should not be denied to them because of predjudise.

    Sure their are homosexuals who are promiscuous who dilly-dally with multiple partners ,and are you saying their are no heterosexuals who dont engage in the same activitys ?

    Should all male/female unions be banned because of the philandering ,promiscuous males ? or females ?

    The male /female marriage arrangement is by no means perfect , in fact far from it , with all the breakdowns /violence/seperations/divorces and their on going effects on society and children involved .

    The Bible gives a very distorted view of homosexuality , one of lust and self gratification .

    But that is not the reality with long time gay and lesbian relationships.

    Their union needs to be recognised by society as equals and not discriminated against.

    And by the way , I am not gay.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Do you ever think about when your parents had sex and moaned their way to a climax to make you?
    Feel excited, or slightly repulsed?
    Does your repulsion indicate that straight people shouldn't have sex?

    l know animals do it but their animals.

    News flash: humans are just another species of animals. We're nothing special in that regards. It's just that our cognitive abilities are a bit better than other animals.

    They dont live by a moral code.

    Oh boy this is way too black-an-white! The topic is much more complicated than what you claim.
    Animals do have 'moral codes' of some sort. Here's some material to get you started on educating yourself:

    As for the moral code of humans: apparently that one isn't set in stone.
    Slavery used to be fine according to our moral code...not anymore.
    Forced marriage used to be fine...not anymore (in most cultures).
    Polygamy used to be fine...not anymore (in most cultures).
    Treating women as property and brainless used to be fine...not anymore (in most cultures).

    So maybe times are changing with regards to some other 'rules' too, such as homosexuality?

    The thought of 2 men going for it is not normal.

    I never think about '2 men going for it'. Just like I never think about my senior neighbors going for it. Neither are my business not my cup of tea.
    But apparently you do think about what other people do in their bedrooms (or on their kitchen table)?

  • ttdtt

    You answered it yourself - if its part of nature its natural.

    As for a Moral Code? Who's? ISIS? The Nazi code? The Mormon Code?

    A moral code is a man made agreement between a group of people about what's socially acceptable.

    In the bible the Moral Code allowed for Slavery and Genocide.

    What you are comfortable with is your own personal code - not mine or others.

  • Wayward

    Is it 'normal' to be obsessing about what two consenting adults might be doing with each other?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yes, homosexuality really is normal.

    It's uncommon, with about 2%-5% of the population being gay. But it's not abnormal.

  • Bugbear


    Sex is not a sin. Sex is something necessary to keep life going on. All creatures do have sex. Some are homosexual, some transgender, some Bisexual? There is nothing wrong with sex, unless your sex -desires hurt or harm your partner. I agree that some sex acts ex. pedophilia, violent Sadism, rape and so forth will harm your partner….therefore not acceptable. But as long as both or more agree fully….we shouldn´t interfere with what other people do in their privacy…

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i recall a while back--on here--i got into a bit of a row about what i said about certain words that dont seem right to me.

    "gay marriage" was one of them. it was suggested i was homophobic--far from it. its just the words and phrases that dont seem right.

    another example. when one partner in a gay marriage refers to his partner as " my husband ". does that imply he regards himself as the wife in the relationship ?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    stan livedeath,

    its just the words and phrases that dont seem right.

    Words and phrases are given meaning by our feelings and our subconscious. Different people project different meanings into the same words.

    another example. when one partner in a gay marriage refers to his partner as " my husband ". does that imply he regards himself as the wife in the relationship ?

    I used to think that until I realized that they refer to each other as "my partner".

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