Were the apostles of the 'Anointed class' when they partook?

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  • why144000

    According to John 20:22 the apostles did not receive the holy spirit until after Jesus was resurrected. Wouldn't this make them part of 'the other sheep' when they partook of the bread and wine?

  • Finkelstein

    A, the last supper was the first partaking.

    From the non JWS perspective the partaking like in Catholicism is that all people should partake to those who wish to be with Jesus in heaven.

    Others partake in the belief that it is god who is the one is to choose the anointed of 144,000 and a few Christian based faiths acknowledge that that class has already been chosen.

    The partaking of the emblems is a mixed bag of ideas from various Christian based religious practices.

  • waton

    no, the Other Sheep are actually the Gentile Christians, like Cornelius that were not of the fold of Israel, that was in the Law Covenant. so:

    All anointed ones, including Jesus, have to start out with an Earthly future. and could end up with the kingdom hope or covenant.

    The context shows that the apostles at the last supper , even after Jesus' resurrection, retained the earthly hope. therefore:

    The Emblems should be served and taken by all with an earthly hope, for the wine pictures the New Covenant, which is for forgiveness of sins (read it, Jeremiah 31). Then

    Let heavens decide whether you end up up there , or on Earth. Either way, to get everlasting life, you will have to partake sooner or later: read John 6. no partaking, no life.

    Jesus , and the anointed though, have to sacrifice, to give up everlasting life on earth (that they have by virtue of partaking, or by birth) to get immortality in heaven, whereas the OS retain it.

    P.S. : Of all people, the Other Sheep, living in the overlapping last days, should be partaking rather than the anointed. why? at least the anointed going up up in the rapture, die, paying the price of sin (if any) whereas the Earthly Class supposedly never dying (wt promise: Millions now living will never die) will never personally pay that price. so: partake, sooner or later to live!

    not endorsing, just pointing it out.

  • stillin

    I never thought of that!

  • blondie

    Could the holy spirit have been released to Jesus' followers before Jesus ascended to heaven and god accepted his sacrifice? Pentecost was several days after Jesus ascended per the scriptures, at that time all of Jesus' disciples gathered there had an outward sign of receiving the holy spirit and their anointing.

    Just the timeline I see in the bible.

  • waton
    Just the timeline I see in the bible.

    blondi, new to mi.

    fact is, even Jesus in his post-mortem discourses did not even then discourage the earthly hope among these early partakers. Shortly before his ascension, as recorded in Acts 1:6,7, the disciples were asking for their promised rule over the 12 tribes , understood by them to be on Earth, sitting on thrones, eating and drinking in that kingdom. And Jesus did then not contradict that idea, instead choose to make the comment about timing being in the "Father's" domain.

  • blondie

    So if the anointed are only the apostles present at the last supper, then only 11 or at most 12 were of the anointed and going to heaven? All the rest were staying on earth?

  • OnTheWayOut

    The new guy appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court believes all Constitutional issues should primarily consider the original meaning put upon the people at the time of writing. This raises interesting disagreements about whether the Constitution should be a living, evolving document or stay the same as a ridged document.

    At least that debate starts with non-fiction and considers what might be best for all concerned. Not so with this subject.

  • blondie

    I definitely shows you can just about come up with any definition.

  • waton
    So if the anointed are only the apostles present at the last supper, then only 11 or at most 12 were of the anointed and going to heaven? All the rest were staying on earth? blondi:

    At the time of the last supper, there could have been 500 "brothers",-- believers. but, the Passover being a family affair, only 12/11 of them were present in Jesus' inner circle. obviously it was meant to expand as he mentioned in Acts 1:7 to the distant part of the Earth.

    To strengthen the " you are an Earthling first before you become an anointed, take Rev 7, the 144 000 chapter. There the anointed are sealed out of the 12 tribes of Israel.

    According to written wt wisdom : "the 12 tribes consistently defined as all earthly, non-anointed people" yes, believe it or not, the 12 tribes of spiritual Israel are Earthly, and out of them come the anointed.

    earthly first, then partake, then become perhaps anointed.

    not endorsing just reporting.

    OTWO, you have to play with the card you have received, dealt, and we have those data in the bible, talking snake and all.

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