Were the apostles of the 'Anointed class' when they partook?

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  • why144000

    Had to go last night. 144,000 literal, marks on forehead, symbolic, virgins, symbolic. People all around me were nodding in agreement. Felt sorry for them.

  • waton

    and the sly switch from the New Covenant (the emblems), forgiveness of sins, for all, to the

    Kingdom Covenant. exclusive partakers.

  • Village Idiot
  • Crazyguy

    Every religion has a laity class i.e. The leaders are special and you must follow them to be saved, Rutherford was just making up one for the JWs in 1935.

  • garyneal
    At least that debate starts with non-fiction and considers what might be best for all concerned. Not so with this subject.

    LOL The crazy thing is I had the same thought.


  • Perry

    The "other sheep" were simply gentile believers. During the Church Age, there is only one group being gathered - the Bride of Christ.

  • waton


    PS: class started 50 days later first lesson: : Fire drill, second: languages.