Wait one minute here!!! Did the GB PURPOSEFULLY launch a D.O.S. attack on Russia? (aka the letter writting campaign)

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  • GTSfromSY

    I know this sounds very outlandish by the title but hear this one out:

    A few months back I spoke to an old friend of mine raised "around the truth", but never baptized and wanting nothing to do with the WT. He is very hip to what is going on in the WT however. Somehow we got to talking about crazy things the WT corp is currently doing and the conversation turned to the Russia letter campaign, the one in 2017.

    He asked me if I took part in it and I told him NO SIR!!! I did not write any letters because I did not think it was appropriate and was against my "christian" conscience. Then he told me “Good for you because you could have participated in a crime! You see even although they may have been well intended "Gabe", JW's inadvertently launched a literal “DOS” (or Denial of Service Attack) without knowing it and could have potentially participated in a international crime."

    WHAAAAAT?! I screamed. "Outrageous man".

    NOTE: For the non-tech savvy, a DOS or Denial of service attack, in an over-simplified nutshell is a cyber based (computer based that is) attack when someone programs a virus (or digital bot) to send and resend over and over massive amounts of information, emails, etc at a target and flood their system or inbox so the legit mail, information, data. etc, either cannot come through or it gets lost in the flood of other data. It has disastrous consequences on their business operations.

    Example: Imagine owing a business and going into your inbox or voice mail for the business and seeing over 1,000,000 emails and getting 10,000’s every hour. If you have valid business email requests, information, or other data based correspondence imagine the nightmare you would have trying to locate them through the digital hodge-podge. It’s considered a cyber-terrorist attack and a very serious (if not multiple) felony crime here in the US.

    Back to the story....

    So we both starting reasoning on this, trying to piece this together to see if that was really so and what we came up with was actually VERY disturbing:

    I will give you guys some numbers we both, on a very spur-of-the-moment mind you, came up with. Keep in mind I am using figures from the US mail, FedEx and UPS websites. We will also assume that only 1 million (1/8 of all JW publishers) wrote letters, just to keep the numbers rounded and simple. I will always underestimate when possible. Here we go (I hope my numbers are correct):

    1. A US international letter varies in size and shape but average is 1 oz in weight, 6”x8” in size and roughly 1/8” in thickness (ref: usps.com and various yahoo answers posts) for the average size international parcel.

    2. One US mail transport box (the average kind that businesses use to mail large amounts of items out in the US), can vary but is, on average, 18” x 18” x 18” high and can hold about roughly 200 parcels of average size, give or take 20 to 30 either way depending on thickness. (Remember international parcels can be pretty thick depending on how many letters were in each parcel) So nutshell: 1 US transport mail box = 200 parcels. 1,000,000 parcels equal: 5,000 boxes MINIMAL.

    3. The average FedEx truck holds 70 to 200 various sized boxes. 100 boxes (reference: Yahoo answers regarding how many Christmas boxes can a FedEx truck hold answered by an actual employee.) of that size would fit in an average (there are many sizes) FedEx truck. 5,000 boxes equal: 50 truck loads. Or......

    4. A average size warehouse pallet would hold 36 boxes of that size safely (3 boxes by 3 boxes or 9 total base size, and 4 boxes high) or 54"x54"x72” high or 4.5’x4.5'x 6’ high, so 36 boxes. So ~139 pallets would be needed. Next time your at Costco or Home Depot see how many pallets they have in one given area to get an idea of what that number would look like. Still with me. OK, we’ll keep going! It gets worse...

    5. The request for international letters began on March 23, 2017 and the deadline was April 1, 2017 with the actual court trial to take place around April 5, 2017. Also keep in mind that international mail takes awhile depending on shipping options. So total JW's would have had 8 business days to respond.

    7. Oh, I forgot to mention that the St. Petersburg Russian metro terrorist attack happened during this time on April 3, 2017. How did that affect the influx of this mail or visa-versa?

    So you mean to tell me that in 8 business (Monday through Friday) days a group of Russian governmental VOLUNTEERS (YES you heard right because you can’t post a classified job opening for this and have interviews for it, train them, setup an office space, or building devoted for this letter reading campaign in that amount of time) of multi-lingual speaking people (who just happen to be in Russia and willing to volunteer) unload/receive at least 50 TRUCKS/140 wrapped pallets worth of mail WITH A FORKLIFT, mind you, unwrap the pallets, dispose of the wooden pallets and wrapping, sort it, open it (completely bypassing all safety code; think anthrax and other potential attacks during this time of terrorist attacks going on), read and translate the mail, and then form some kind of committee or presentation for those politicians and governors (because those guys aren’t going to reading through that crap) all in that span of time???

    REALLY? That does not make any bloody sense! No business or corporation would ever think that was a good idea if they REALLY were trying to accomplish it's goal of being actually read by or to Putin and the others on the list. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE and any corporation would have had to know that!

    The fish smell is getting stronger. I did some digging and found this out: if you are wondering if the GB knows about how this could impact Russia in a negative way consider this:

    During natural disasters that affected members worldwide, the WT branch from New York have themselves sent congregation letters to elders to be read during announcements, telling brothers and sisters to STOP WRITING AND STOP SENDING SUPPLIES to particular branches when various disasters were occurring because they were, granted out of love, causing many problems because it was hurting relief efforts and various correspondence due to the shear AMOUNT of what was received.

    Clearly they know to some degree, how bad this could turn. So the question is: Did the GB, who clearly know all about the impact of receiving tons (literal) of international mail themselves, use and manipulate witnesses world wide to instigate trouble in Russia?

    I am not here to spout conspiracy theories or even state an answer because I do not know. It could be possible that the GB are just stupid and irrational (various sources to possibly prove that point are abundantly available)!

    I cannot prove anything, however I can prove this: IT'S FISHY. It's ILLOGICAL. It's IRRATIONAL. All those things are facts. Proven facts. Mind you too all my estimates are at only 1/8 of current witness numbers!!! Witnesses who participated, unbeknown to them, HAD TO HAVE caused a negative impact to Russia in some way, especially during those terror attack periods. These letters had their NAMES, personal ADDRESSES, SIGNATURES and even businesses on them.

    Penny for everyone's thoughts on this. This is very upsetting. Even if it is not true that the GB did it on purpose and are just stupid morons, it sure can be easily spun that way. JW's = terrorist! Peaceful nonviolent terrorist! Yes, nonviolent terrorist do exist. There are actually many green-movement terrorist that operate that way and cause all kinds of problems, so it is not as far fetch as it sounds!

    Either way, I do not like the vibe I am getting from this at all.

    Hell, all my relatives that are PIMI wrote multiple letters. Could that come back to haunt them at a later time?

    Sincerely a very disturbed “Gabe Syme”

  • Drearyweather
    JW's = terrorist! Peaceful nonviolent terrorist! Yes, nonviolent terrorist do exist.

    Is this your conclusion only for the JW's or for anyone who participates in a letter writing campaign?

    What are your thoughts on the "Write for Rights" campaign organized by Amnesty Internatiional which led to the release of two activists- Yorm Bopha and Vladimir Akimenkov?

  • MrRoboto

    Im a little surprised this is being brought up so long afterwards. yes it was obviously an intentional DoS, in my opinion.

    also, while you were trying to be conservative with the number of witnesses writing letters, you may have forgotten that they were encouraged to write a letter to each of 5 or 6 ( something like that) officials, so your numbers may be wildly underestimated.

    If you want to talk conspiracy theory, consider this: thanks to the efforts of the GB, the Russian gov now has names and addresses of potentially millions of JWs in and outside of Russia.

    Yeah because bringing an important national public service to a crawl is not extremist in any way. May have been the nail in the coffin (that and their lies) of their case there but maybe that was the point. Framing trouble by decree, like so many other times.

  • slimboyfat

    At the very least I think it's fair to say that Watchtower has not acted in a way that will Improve relations with the Russian state. Which shows a level of disregard for those JWs living in the country.

  • GTSfromSY

    @Drearyweather: Excellent point! I have never heard of those individuals. I guess I was wrapped up in other events but in 2014 to have paid attention to that.

    However, there are a few factors the make the WT organization different:

    One: They are a religion (*cough* cult *cough*) that claims to be politically neutral. A people said be relying on their God Jehovah and disfellowshiping those that violate that policy. In fact the last "broadcast" was all about beholding "Jehovah's hand" at work with the Warwick building are other ventures.

    Two: Amnesty International has strong ties with the UN, again making their campaign politically based, opposite of what WT claims to be, which is fine. They are not an anti-UN cult so it's ok.

    Three: At the end of the day the letter writing campaign, even as described by the Amnesty International, do disrupt things, for a good cause, but is disruptive non-the-less. It does stated plainly on the actually site that the letters put "pressure" on the nations and people in question. Again fine for a political organization or political person, but unscriptural for the WT organization per their own religion doctrine of not causing a disturbance and being politically neutral.

    Don't get me wrong I am all about change and the Amnesty international seems to be genuinely targeting the problems. I actually am now interested in the organization and will research them further because I liked what I read, however I am always careful about the charities I support. Thanks for the tip though!

    @MrRoboto: Yet it's a bit late. For me the letter writing deal came and went. When I did my research I saw absolutely nothing on the subject from the standpoint of the possible impact. That's why I became interested and yes I was greatly underestimating the numbers to show the ridiculousness. However as Drearyweather mention there were other political letter writing campaigns that saw millions of letters for certain causes. That has to hurt somehow. Not exactly what I would imagine Jesus doing or encouraging others to do! :/

  • GTSfromSY

    @slimboyfat: I know slim. That angers me. The abuse these WT and GB members/corp. owners inflict on others.

    When I left I did not leave with any bitterness for current JW's. I still consider them siblings. Misguided, irrational, abused siblings, yes, but I would still help them in a heart beat in any way I could if they asked me for it.

    So when you get right down to it and see what these GB members are doing, its sickening. Just absolutely demonic men!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    GTSfromSY Thank you very much for posting this situation WT instigated. I agree that it does not add up sensibly. Court case starting April 5th? And you have until April 1st to post an international letter to Russia to be delivered, opened and translated in time to be of any benefit?

    Of what benefit or for who's benefit? And since they obviously would know when the Court case was they have to realize what they were doing, why did they cut themselves so close to the Court date? Why not start the letter writing campaign much sooner if the GB really wanted to help? Puzzling for sure.

    Your friend's slant is very interesting. Something slick / sick Lawyers might think up but why? Why bug the enemy?

  • Wakanda

    It seems that Amnesty International's numbers are dwarfed by what the JWs said they did. At least according to what I read here: https://www.amnestyusa.org/victory-russian-prisoner-of-conscience-freed-as-write-for-rights-2013-reaches-1-4-million-actions/

    I heard it was a world wide letter writing campaign. Each JW was to send five letters to five guys in Russia. They bragged about how an extra plane was needed for the JW letters. Many sent 10 or 15 letters and bragged about that.

    I would not want to be looking for my medicine in the mail in Russia at that time.

    Of what benefit or for who's benefit?

    WT can call persecution for ages now and it helps keep their sheep brainwashed. "Remember what happened in Russia, and how they wouldn't listen to our reasonable letters?"


    Like so much from WT, yet they are slippery and slimy and so far keep getting away with it.

    BTW, Cedars got a leaked video of a legal department meeting from around last March. It shows how excited they got talking about Russian persecution. It is called "The Persecution Complex".

    How could NO ONE have warned them what they could be responsible for a D.O.S? That is my first thought reading your OP. Oh wait. Maybe a sister did. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That goes to show sisters should not be in the legal department! No one listens!

  • Drearyweather
    Not exactly what I would imagine Jesus doing or encouraging others to do!

    With regards to the motivation to protest is concerned, WT does not consider it to be different from their Biblical counterparts. There are many stories in the Bible where believers have gone against their ruling governments. In fact, when asked by high officials to stop preaching, the disciples of Jesus blatantly disregarded it and answered in a way that JWs use to their benefit: "We shall obey God as ruler rather than men."

    Regarding political neutrality, even though JW as an organization claims to be politically neutral; as individuals, there many many other non-JW's who are neutral in politics as well and don't vote in elections. But neutral or not, each individual who pays his taxes is eligible to exercise his civil rights. Individual JW's pay their taxes and as citizens have their civil rights to practice their religion and thus as citizens have the right to voice his opinion and legally fight for his cause.

    Regarding the disruption to the government is concerned, each and every protest of any kind causes disruptions not only to the government but to the general public too. Look at the BLM protests and the Sec 377 protests in India.

    When the government of India decided to uphold the Sec 377 which criminalized gay sex, there were large scale protests throughout the country. Many people were concerned about the problems that these protests were causing. However, the disruptions caused to the government and public was pale in comparison to the impact that unjust decision of the government would have on LGBT people.

    Similarly, the letter writing campaign of JW's did disrupt the workings of the government. However, the decision of the Russian government of criminalizing JW's would have a far long and a more disastrous impact on the lives of individual JWs in Russia.

  • zeb

    I would like to know the reason behind getting poor individual r&f to site their own details in the letters.

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