Wait one minute here!!! Did the GB PURPOSEFULLY launch a D.O.S. attack on Russia? (aka the letter writting campaign)

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  • stuckinarut2

    And the VERY issue the Russian govt had was that JWs are a dangerous high control extremist group led by American leaders...

    The campaign to flood the govt WAS "Extreme"

    The fact that 95% of witnesses simply did as they were told by their leaders WAS an"Extreme" demonstration of such "High control"

    Really, was poking a Bear really a wise idea GB? Did the tactic work? Did it spare your flock from being banned? Did it protect your assets?

    Or GB, did you simply antagonise your foe??

  • OrphanCrow
    zeb: I would like to know the reason behind getting poor individual r&f to site their own details in the letters

    The purpose, apparently, for requesting individual personal details was because Russia has a law that states that any Official that works for the Russian government must answer correspondence addressed to them but only if that correspondence has the personal details attached to the letter

    The anticipation was that each and every letter sent would have to be answered individually. Which, of course, is so ludicrous int this context as to be laughable. There were JWs over on jwtalk that were gleefully making sure they sent as many letters as possible so that the Russian officials would have nothing else to do but deal with the mountains and mountains of letters and saying that if Putin didn't answer them that he would be breaking Russian law

    The OP's concerns are valid. The org knew that a campaign could be considered a DOS action because they had already got into trouble over a similar action in Russia. If my memory serves me correctly (I can't seem to pull up anything because the internet is flooded with story after story after story concerning the letter writing fiasco), the org was told specifically that they couldn't send emails because of an email campaign that the org launched inside Russia prior to another event that happened there. I will keep looking for the documentation on that, but I seem to remember that the Russian JWs had tread very closely to being charged with DOS in the recent past over their emails flooding official offices and that it why the GB changed their tactics and went for the letter writing campaign instead of an email campaign - they had already been warned

    The GB knew exactly what they were doing

  • Wakanda

    Wow Orphan Crow! Thanks.

  • Splash

    If the WT were not on Russia's watch list before they pulled this stunt, they are now.

    The GB are children playing in a gangsters world.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Wow! I remember thinking how stupid it was to tell the world (JWs) to send their letters by the 1st when the hearing was the 5th. For those on the other side of the world the letters wouldn't arrive until after it was all over and therefore pretty pointless but it seems the mindless blind followers didn't bother thinking about this and Instagram and Facebook were full of posts of letters written that would never be read.

  • GTSfromSY

    @OrphanCrow: Oh...my...GOD! Please, pleeeaaaseee start a post if you ever find that information on the email scandal or DM me if you are not comfortable with that. That, if I have actual proof, is EVERYTHING! That is huge for me for undisclosed reasons. Yes, please let me know sir or madam, whichever title applies :)

  • zeb

    OC thankyou very much. A system in Russia requiring accountability from officials is being used as a rod by the gb. The Russian govt will not take this to kindly.

    I hope the Govt in Russia makes good use of the properties they have seized.

  • MrRoboto

    Im sure Russia could find a reason to legally ignore all the letters instead of responding to each.

    Perhaps declaring them to be part of the WT criminal DoS activity would be sufficient, or perhaps the fact that most are not from Russian citizens.

    I cant help but wonder if the the GB got exactly the results they were looking for.

    Too bad Sanderson, one of the chief kingpins of the American run extremist organization, was allowed to return home instead of being prosecuted. Maybe Russia was trying to avoid the obvious next step of American intervention.

  • OrphanCrow
    MrRoboto: Im sure Russia could find a reason to legally ignore all the letters instead of responding to each.

    Of course they can.

    All correspondence to State departments must be done in Russian. They will not respond to any communication in a foreign language. (I know this because I had to find a Russian person proficient in written Russian language in order to access files at the State Military Archives. My emails were just ignored when they were written in English)

    GTS: I will spend some time looking for that info. Just got home to my laptop...

  • OrphanCrow

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