The great tribulation is now coming VERY soon!

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I wasn't supposed to go to school or get married or have children.

    I am retired now.

  • stuckinarut2

    Wash, rinse, repeat

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I remember once at a book study in '05 there was another business owner present and we went over how we should all be keeping our lives simple as the end could be coming any time and to be ready. The conductor and himself commented on how this could apply to us personally and what plans or other could we cancel or forget about with regards to this. Well the conductor bought a fifth wheel camper for his 'business' and the business owner type sold his small weld shop building and invested in anew high tech building to expand his business into other markets such as pharma sheet metal so as to pass on the business to his grown kids. That and a new hall was planned and built the same year, with 'Jehovah' is getting s people ready for the tribulation by erecting and renovating buildings to house his loyal ones during the great day of his fury. Oh and all the while this was happening this guy was building himself a new palatial stone faced trendy home.

    At that meting I commented on how I would forgo building a much needed small one car garage at home as the end was coming soon and I could build one in the new system anyway.

    As they say you can't make this stuff up..

  • Crazyguy

    This just in the great tribulation is going to happen even sooner now!

  • waton
    this guy was building himself a new palatial stone faced trendy home. Cg:
    with the tribulation so near, and people going to throw their money French = argent, silver; german = Gelt, gold into the streets, --- he put it in real estate. I always reminded them at that point, they threw it in front of their dwellings , not because it had no value, but because they feared to be tortured to reveal the hiding place, cut open if they were suspected to have swallowed it. The only thing that the controllers believe in is their power. their purchasing proves it.
  • smiddy

    Oh Hum here we go again , same ole same ole ,C.T.Russell before the end of the 18th Century .

    Joe rutherford and his resurrection of faithfull men of old in 1925 such as Abraham Isaac and Jacob,etc.

    Umpteen times in the 20th Century 1925 ,1939-45 ,1975 and the following years just after that date , ,before the end of the 20th Century ,soon now ,soon now ,soon ,now.

    IBSA members who didnt expect to die in this system of things.of the late 1800`s

    JW`s in Joe Rutherfords day who didnt expect to die .

    And everybody else since who didnt expect to die before Armageddon or the Great tribulation came and they are all dead.Up until this year of 2017 .

    2000 years ago Jesus was coming QUICKLY ,how quick is quickly I ask you.

    Or does all of this just go over the head of Jehovahs Witnesses.

  • fukitol

    Classic cult mind control 101 stuff.

    Maintain a permanent sense of doomsday urgency.

  • jookbeard

    the prospect of going to high school seemed ridiculous , the prospect of going out in the workplace preposterous, I grew up as not only a 1970's child but also the kid caught up in the fervour of their insanity, I'll be 51 next week, two marriages behind me, travelled the world and two wonderful kids.

  • dogon

    The cult puts this shit out for those who are needing a fix to their life. The cult members who are having a good life don't care about the end. This is for those who are old, did not save a dime and did not work for a retirement. They are fucked and bitter.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Good point DOGON. The leadership knows that there is a serious loss of faith in the org's prophetic credibility - especially amongst the older J.W.'s - so the word "soon" is becoming a regular occurrence in J.W. literature and internet videos.

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