The great tribulation is now coming VERY soon!

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Come on folks if it doesn't come it's a test from Jehovah.. What happen when you say something and it doesn't happen, your pride is what's hurt. But who needs pride?Jehovah said he resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. So after years of End time fail predictions JW should be the most humble people on the face of the earth (it's coming tomorrow, no BS this time) they have had a lot of practice.. I can see why most JW's are on the edge, it's coming no new light next year oh Sh--t two years from now...

    I heard from a reliable source it will come April 1 2018.....

  • waton

    remember Jonah, the end come never in his lifetime, and he had a definite date from the boss himself. even the gourd wilted. He was put through the fish stomach story agony, still he never saw the end.

  • maccauk

    The Great Tribulation was in the 1st century and was about the destruction of the Old Covenant, the temple, jerusalem, in 70 ad. All things have been made new ie the new covenent in which man is reconcilled back to God and lives with faith, free from death and condemnation forever, it is done finished It came just like Jesus said it would and would NEVER be repeated in his own words.The generation did not pass away just like he told them. There is no end of the world .

  • waton

    The great tribulation and its climatic end aka Armageddon is supposed to be survived by "The Generation" Jesus spoke to and about. Now,

    Wt has changed that, the wt generation of partakers will have passed away way before that* , watch Splane to prove it to yourself. He is bettering Jesus, battering his sayings.

    * The immortal 144k have to be resurrected, trained and battle ready to make the tribulation great.

  • maccauk

    The 144,000 were taken in the 1st century from the 12 tribes of Israel. The second coming and the resurrection took place in that 1st century generation just like jesus said it would be and his promise to come back for his elect he said some of who would still be alive when he returned as he promised. Are there any 1st century Apostles still alive today.Surely your answer must be no.So its ALL done finished. The end is not about the end of the world but about the end of jerusalem, the law, the temple, the old covenants. All things have been made new.Meaning all believers since that 1st century end live by faith. The is no third coming in our time because jesus told his Apostles he would come back for them before all of them had died.. He did

  • Finkelstein

    Using provocations of fear is what and how the WTS allured and sustained the majority of its members, this still holds true to this day.

    Is it a likelihood that certain men would or could use and exploit the end times prophecies in the bible to further advance the proliferation of the literature they published, thereby gaining profit and perhaps controlling power over people ?

    Yup, the Watchtower Corporation just to name one organization.

  • Nosferatu

    Man, I was scared back in the 1980s when they told me the great tribulation was coming soon. Now that we're in the 2010s, you can imagine how much more scared I am now!

  • BluesBrother

    I was a faithful, if not too happy, JW .... As time went on and we started to approach the Millennial yr 2000 I reasoned that something must be off in the timing .

    If I could see that , & I may not be the sharpest knife in the toolbox, why can’t they?

  • pale.emperor

    Im sure i've read this very line many times over the years.

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