Wacky Baccy Eh! Cannabis Now Legal in Canada

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Santa Clara, Ca,is taxing the shit out of it, especially the vape pens which I think is so cool no smell, just push the button and suck slowly and you get a good workable blast which seems to enhance my concentration and focus early in the morning(good sativa not indica).

    Glad to here they are decriminalizing it and getting some tax money from it should have been legal long ago.

  • zeb

    the things their PM has come out with in recent times I thought he was on the stuff.

  • Not_Culty

    Alcohol is the biggest "gateway" drug there is.

    When a person is drunk they are more apt to consume pretty much anything.

  • Finkelstein

    The main point of legalization isn't to make pot easier for the public consumption but to control or break down the illegal black market which has caused gang violence (murders), property destruction in illegal grow ops. and a huge amount of money being un-taxed.

    Many police forces have been asking for this for awhile now.

    Where I think the government is lacking is the sale and proliferation of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine and other Opioid drugs, where sellers are lacing these drugs with Fentanyl causing thousands of deaths ever year just in the province of British Colombia alone.

  • Simon

    But the government has come in and effectively just raised the street price of pot. How does this stop any of the gang activity? If they made money selling it at $6 and demand + prices just went up, how does that stop it getting into the hands of children?

    What actually changes?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The quality of pot will have to get better do to it's legality, paying attention to mold and no harmful pesticides I think will improve even among those that to make a little money in the black market. I see it as a ++ for those that like to practice their green thumb and grow some. Long live Marc Emery!!!


  • Twitch

    Though not a cut and dry issue, I think it's a progressive move with more benefits than harm overall, even if a bit rushed.

    I think it's a natural viable option for pain management for those needing alternatives. That in itself is no small thing.tgf

    Tax grab of course. Huge. Yes some of it has to go to setting up/maintaining infrastructure for it but the feds will make gazillions. And if more people are smoking it, there will be long term effects that will affect the medical industry and ultimately the taxpayer. That being said, the government hasn't banned cigarettes to date, probably because there's still money in it.

    It will take a bite outta crime to some degree but the black market for dope won't disappear. If the supply is the legal store, demand on the street goes down; why wouldn't it? Even if cost is much higher, I doubt any newbie is gonna look for a better deal at the bus station. The existing reefer fiend has no downside to just stopping in at the store and you can order online for delivery, hopefully with a pizza. What would a business do to be competitive? Drop the price or offer more/better product. One thing that might happen on the street is a shift to harder drugs such as coke, meth and opioids which will suck for those at risk and those that love them. And for those who may still buy weed on the street where there is risk of it getting spiked with evil shite, this being a major plus to legal weed.

    Will it create a new generation of lethargic dope fiends intent on wasting their lives? I doubt it. Sure, it opens a door wider but that door has always been there for those looking to try it, assuming one was a teenager and went to a public school. If anything, legalization takes away the illegal thrill and makes it just like alcohol. And like alcohol, most will try it and some will go overboard. Chances are those that lose control were bound to anyways due to genetic disposition and/or personality; it being illegal won't stop an addict. For your average adult, ok, now there's an open door but if there wasn't one already, I think they'll be fine. In fact, it's kinda surprising how many high functioning successful people blaze the ganja. Then again, my sampling may be biased.

    As for health risks, of course smoking anything isn't good for your lungs but now there's vaporizers. Less harmful methinks. Less. Then there's edibles, for which home recipes will likely boom; I'm holding out for a maple syrup bacon Delta 9 poutine. Mmmmm poutine. Long term use of poutine is probably not good for you, nor is bacon methinks. Then there's the schizophrenia connection which is possible but similar to addiction, likely has genetic predispositions that are triggered, especially in youth when schizophrenia is most likely to manifest and when one is most likely to try dope for the first time. Probably not a great combination. I could see it though; I've heard people say they get paranoid when high so they don't do it. I dunno, I've never gotten paranoid, if anything I'm relaxed, calm and at peace. Your mileage may vary.

    As for a comparison to alcohol, I never saw two rastas beating the shit outta each other in a coffee shop parking lot after too many blunts. This is not to say all who drink are violent or that all dopers are passive, but in my experience, alcohol is better at bringing the angry out in people. Far better. The other, not so much.

    I guess we'll see how it all rolls out one way or another.

    irie Canada

  • Simon
    I think it's a natural viable option for pain management for those needing alternatives

    Again, medical marijuana was already a thing. This is purely changes about recreational use.

    Tax grab of course. Huge. Yes some of it has to go to setting up/maintaining infrastructure for it but the feds will make gazillions

    They are already taking the revenue but not giving anything to the municipalities to cover extra costs in policing etc.

    The libs piss money away like it grows on trees, whatever revenue this raises will be squandered and pales into insignificance next to the GDP that their crazy policies are costing Canada economically.

    Will it create a new generation of lethargic dope fiends intent on wasting their lives? I doubt it.

    It'll probably have an impact on productivity but who knows what that will be.

    I'm actually in awe of the next generation ('cause I can't imagine it's just our kids) because they have a dim view of pot smokers and will have an odd beer but rarely drink and never when driving. I'm sure there are youths that still start smoking in 2018 but it has to be tiny compared to decades ago.

    Anyway, the cannabis boom is now on hold because they've mostly run out. 3 or 4 days was it? "Sorry, Canada can't come to the phone right now, we can't get off the couch. Please send more Pizza". LOL

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Simon a very good sativa makes me more alert and I use a ABX vapen and sativa extract while I'm working keeps me very focused but I'm not talking about getting blasted but just "nice" I tend to come up with good problem solving (I program CNC Lathes to turn plastics for the wafer makers in the silicon valley), my days go by much better as I feel this improves brain functioning oh and my rhythm is getting tighter and tighter.

    So couch potato can happen with a potent indica strain so choose wisely, and change at your age is great, your mind must be staying young kiddo. I'm a veteran cannabis users, so I advise caution with new users to avoid too much but to go easy to avoid any paranoia that comes from a little more than you can handle so early in your exploration.

  • Zoos

    Current satellite image of Canada.

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