Wacky Baccy Eh! Cannabis Now Legal in Canada

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  • Biahi

    Hair trigger, that is so clever! And I hope the USA follows Canada soon!

  • 2+2=5
    pot acting as a gateway drug to worse shit.

    It’s a gateway to the fridge.

    Those selling cannabis usually sell other worse shit... removing that gateway is a good thing.

    Absent fathers is what leads to drug abuse.

  • Hairtrigger


    wasnt me mate! Someone sent it to me on watts app

  • Simon
    You do not know that it is"judged on the basis of massively higher consumption levels". You are assuming that because it sounds good Simon.
    Pot use is already widespread. I don't think you know what you are talking about. A massively high consumption of pot results in sleep, not violence.

    No, because it's a fact. Even among people I know who smoke pot, they drink far more regularly than they smoke. Then there are the millions of people who drink and never smoke.

    Alcohol is a massively bigger industry than pot. Because of this, there are far more negative incidents to point to over a much longer period.

    It would be misleading to compare the effects of pot and alcohol as definitive because we don't yet know the effects pot would have if it reached similar levels of consumption.

    It might be OK, it might even be positive overall, we just don't know and can't say it's definitely benign.

  • truthlover123

    In my part of Canada tax is 15% this on top of two pricing schedules $9//$15 per gram... why?? Its all grown in same soil

    Friend bought $40.00 worth and was not pleased with results

    Many phone ins to CBC stated they would go back to underground sources

    So now what?

    Apt buildings wont allow it, public areas not available, cant do it in car, smells would turn law on you if u get stopped-- It gets into your cells as it is oil based, stays in your hair//, body for anywhere from 3 - 90 days depending on daily usage.....so rather than this machine that has been proven to give false positives when testing ( legal issue??) maybe they will start running hair folicle tests at roadside

    They made it legal and laid down 600 laws to stop it, yet reap the cash and for what? New hospitals, better infrastructure, better education? At least people will be calm enough to not ask questions. RCMP cant come to work if they have had it within 28 days of reporting to work.... what tbout those who have PTSD because of first responders syndrome? Or emergency services personnel? Many questions- no answers

  • redvip2000

    Anybody that reads about how "weed" became illegal, can clearly see that this prohibition was stupid from the get-go. All political non-sense.

    Reason is slowly being restored on this issue and the US will soon follow suit, even as "puritantards", and "religiotards"do their crying about "weed" being a slippery slope to impending doom.

  • OrphanCrow

    Simon, your original reply to me was in response to this statement that I had said (you copied and pasted this):

    in all my years of being around many, many women and hearing their stories of abuse and such, I have never once, not once, heard a woman say "He smoked a joint and then became violent" but, I have heard (more times than I like) "He started drinking and all hell broke loose. I thought he was going to kill me."

    What massive consumption levels of alcohol have to do with this...I dunno... you did a segway (or is that red herring?)

    You avoided the statement that you said you were replying to and all of all sudden...the subject changed to "society conditions" and anything else you wanted to throw in there.

    My statement addressed domestic violence incidents and nothing else. I don't really care if your friends drink more than they smoke, I was speaking of my experience listening to the experiences of countless women.

    (mind you, maybe your drinking friends prove my point)

  • Finkelstein

    I think its false assumption there is now going to be an epidemically use of pot and its derivatives.

    People who were users before sure but the reason why the majority of population aren't users is because they choose not to.

    Perhaps they've tried it and didn't like it or something they did in their youth and grew out of its usage.

    I dont think there has been enough information put out toward the positive attributes of Pot in helping people with various health conditions such as pain management ,depression, sleep problems, there is long list.

    The legalization of products with marijuana has positive aspects to be realized.

  • Simon
    People who were users before sure but the reason why the majority of population aren't users is because they choose not to.

    I think the weirdest claim relating to this is that making it legal will somehow "keep it out of the reach of children"

    There's no reason to imagine that people smoke pot only because it's illegal, so let's assume that they all keep smoking it.

    There will inevitably be new users who previously wouldn't have considered it because they were law abiding.

    Overall, production will be up with more pot available.

    So how does that prevent underage users getting it? It's one of those dumb claims that the Trudeau government threw out that makes no sense and has never been explained.

    I dont think there has been enough information put out toward the positive attributes of Pot in helping people with various health conditions such as pain management ,depression, sleep problems, there is long list.

    There are long lists of claims, I've even seen some that include "broken legs" and "mad cow disease" on the list of things it can help with and I checked over and over that it wasn't a parody site.

    Most of the claims come from those pushing for it's legalization. The truth is that there simply isn't the evidence in the form of clinical trials, it's all anecdotal.

    It may be great for people's conditions but it's not been proven to be beneficial overall and let's remember - we're talking about recreational use, not medical use which was already allowed so it shouldn't really be part of the 'pro' argument anyway.

  • Finkelstein

    I would make the guess that there might a slight increase in people using pot and its closely related directives for the first couple years, people trying it out, people experimenting etc. but if they dont like it or see its usefulness they will eventually leave it alone.

    The reason why most adults who experimented with it in their youth dont use it anymore such as myself.

    It isn't addictive like heroin, cocaine Meth etc. and that's another reason why the government pursued making it a legally controlled substance like alcohol, which in reality is more harmful over all.

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