Are You Still “Technically “ A Jehovah’s Witness?

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    While I am an inactive Jehovah's Witness, I am still considered one. Based on this technically, they allow themselves to talk to me every now and then and I can see that they dwell happily in that technicality. I know the signals are all out there that I stopped attending due to disagreement with the teachings, however, since I never told them anything about it, I am, technically, not an apostate. And yet, apostate I am!

    Ironically, they fail to understand that one of my core disagreement with the JW was that very technicality. Being a Christian is meant to be all about love. What does love have to do with technicality? Nothing.

  • Dagney

    I’m not a JW because I say I’m not one. Not df’d or da’d. Don’t know what “they” say about, except one or two that called me an apostate. One is a well known drunkard and another a slanderer. Lol. Great bunch of peeps.

  • dubstepped

    Nope, that's what the disassociation was for. Wanted that stank off me.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I walked away in 2007. Never DF, DA, ABCDE....whatever. I DID make it clear to the local PO, that if my name were ever mentioned from the platform, or that my name was being drug through the mud "unofficially," that don't worry about being sued. When I was done dragging JW's through the mud, it would just make it impossible for them to accomplish their ministry in their area.

    They haven't bothered me since --"officially" or otherwise.

    $hit don't stink unless you stir it.

    Snakes (Rich)

  • minimus

    All interesting comments

  • jws

    Technically, as in I haven't been disfellowshipped. Nor did I disassociate myself. Some people feel it's only right, but who cares? I know who I am and what I believe and don't. I don't need to state it to everybody or have an official position in regards to them.

    The reason I've tried to remain technically "in" is because my father was in and would stop talking to me if I was out. He passed away 10 years ago, but my two sisters are still in.

    Maybe I'll disassociate myself if they both die. But I really don't care. I don't feel as though I have to make it "official". To me, that's playing by their rules. And I don't give a damn about their rules.

    I've often wondered whether they might someday DF me in my absence. Hold a JC, which I won't show up to since I live 1000 miles from my last congregation. And without me, DF me. For all I know, they already have. But to my knowledge, I'm still technically in.

  • smiddy3

    I looked at DA as a way of excommunicating the religion from me..

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    No one can stop a d/f person continuing to call themselves a jw if thats what they want to do.

  • Phizzy

    If I stop playing Golf, am I still technically a Golfer ? I would not be considered a Golfer by my former friends I used to play the game with. The same with JW's, they no longer consider me a JW.

    I have no doubt if they wished to DF/DA me, for which my life-style gives them plenty of reasons, the Elders would say that I am still technically a J.W.

    But how very silly is that ? To DF me from something I never would associate with is as stupid as prosecuting a dead person for a felony they perpetrated whilst alive.


  • smiddy3

    So does the JW religion count inactive persons as one of Jehovah`s Witnesses when they claim they have 8-9 million members ?

    How many of these so called Jehovah`s Witnesses are actually inactive people never attending meetings never going out in field service for God knows how long.?

    Is that just another way they can fudge the numbers ?

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