Major changes to convention security beginning in 2017

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  • sparrowdown

    Security at conventions - lol. IOW WT petty tyrannists searching bags for apostate literature while ignoring suspicious packages.

    Hopefully conventions become so stressful people will stop going.

  • exjwlemming

    Maybe the "Society" can fleece some more money from the circuits and districts by selling them metal detectors at a "discounted" rate. That should be good for a couple more million.

  • just fine
    just fine

    lol - have you seen the attendants?!? I wouldn't be scared away by having a bunch of overgrown man-child's standing by the entrances. They aren't armed, they aren't trained, they aren't authorized to use force. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen if they start shit with someone.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Perhaps newly interested ones need wear a badge too.

  • zeb

    So I go to a convention and have a beard then what.?

    But of course if there is some tragedy then the gb will make huge capital of it taking no blame for such extremely unwise large and targetable gatherings.

    I have no doubt there is some evacuation plan for the 'stage dwellers' or any of the GB present but not the masses.

  • wozza

    Years ago I used to be an attendant (security) at conventions in Australia and I saw some very unsavoury people come thru the gate ,like perverts with extendable mirrors to look into the ladies toilets etc.

    We had to surround them and convince them to leave except in the cases above where the police were called .

    Ah the days when I had to get there at 6 AM and check for bombs and re-check at the lunch break, some of the attendants took it too seriously though and would have cb radios with a shoulder mounted microphone like a cop and strut about ....ha ha what a bunch of cowboys .

    At the Melbourne convention in 1988 one of these guys came from Adelaide to be on security with his bright red station wagon with so many antennae and spot lights it looked like a porcupine .The Melbourne brothers in attendants had never seen this much over the top stuff before one of them referred to the Adelaide "wankers" are here!

    But we never then checked peoples bags ,that would have been viewed as bad as touching a person to remove them from the convention site ,but I guess Jehovahs chariot needs to keep up!

  • rebel8

    Meh, pocket checks could just be letting them look inside your purse or turning your pockets inside out for them. This happens at every sporting event I've been to lately.

    IMO they have been stupid not to do this. As usual, they implement things way after everyone else. That's about right for a stuck-in-the-Victorian-era religion.

    So can you imagine though--some of the bros will be orgasmic over this new privilege. They will feel so important. They get to be in the stadium first and they get to be bouncers.

    This makes me want to go and secretly distribute factual pamphlets, leaving them around in different spots when nobody's looking.

    Oooh--I thought of something better. Can anyone hook me up with a fake ID and an assignment to be one of the bouncers? I will have to dress as a man, which will take some practice, but how hard could it be? Then I will not let all the elders in, saying they are suspicious persons. Or I could plant some apostate literature in their pockets. LOL

  • stealyourface

    No doubt the 'ones' found with money in their pockets and purses will be bounced right over to the contribution boxes.

  • zeb

    'some of the bros will be orgasmic over this new privilege. They will feel so important.'

    my thoughts too. We have seen what has happened when ignorant elders are put in charge of peoples lives; this will not bode well.

  • Simon
    Things get a little more complicated if words alone aren't enough though, because as Blondie pointed out, JW attendants are still just private citizens, with no more legal authority when it comes to the use of force than any other private citizen.

    Geez, is this an American thing where, before anything even happens, people start screaming "my rights, my rights!" ?

    They have every right to tell you that you get your bags inspected or you don't come in. And if you force your way in then you are trespassing and they can call the cops and you'd be arrested.

    The arrangement is no different to private security at a concert or club. Sure, they are not the police, they cannot arrest you themselves. But when the police arrive, who you think they're going to listen to?

    The only reason someone wants to bypass security checks is if they are a terrorist or an asshole. Both deserve a good can of whoop ass.

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