Bible comes alive if we look for meaning behind the symbols it uses

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  • Ireneus

    Hi Doug

    What I am regularly using is New American Bible, Catholic Reference Edition, which contains Apocrypha. I give equal value to the Apocryphal Books also, hence I believe in the immortality of soul, hence find teaching or resurrection useless. I have also a collection of unlisted gospels such as of Thomas, Marcion etc.

  • EverApostate

    Do you belong to the Art of living Ravi Shankar religion ?

  • Ireneus

    Hi EverApostate,

    I have not yet finished my College education, into final year now. Now only I heard about the religion you mentioned, hence did search in the google--not interested because of the huge fee they charge on their meditation training program, can't afford with my pocket-money.

  • Vidiot
    Wake Me Up - "...many people think of the Bible as science for stupid people..."

    Well, there's a reason it's sometimes called "The Goatherder's Guide to the Galaxy"... :smirk:

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