My Old Kingdom Hall being merged with TWO other congregations!

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  • respectful_observer

    My Local source tells me he cannot think there is any public transport that is direct, A people facing incredibly difficult journey , their KH is well past its use by date.

    This recently happened to a neighboring congregation. The hall was in a historic area and worth a boatload of cash, but was neglected and in need of a renovation beyond the skills of the RBC. So cashed out for a few million bucks, moved the congregation to another hall that was really difficult to navigate to on public transport. Within 2 years, it went from a vibrant congregation of 120+ at each meeting to fewer than 40 members.

  • steve2

    Congregations do not merge when attendances and publisher numbers are increasing. Merging occurs when meeting attendances and publisher numbers are in decline.

  • Lostandfound

    With the contraction in Congregation numbers, does that mean at least one Circuit Overseer is facing the kerb?

    isteve2. Do the LDC merge congregations ever, for their practical view of making most of Kingdom Halls, with sufficient capacity, rather than spend money on any refurbished etc?

    How will consolidation affect the Congregations per capita "donation" to the WT each month, maybe no overall change at first, but with distinct possibility of people giving up on attendance over difficult journeys , numbers for the per capita reduced. For the LDC Spring time perfect to 'spring' the change when weather conditions will favour travel, roll on Winter and not best time to convince people this is a loving arrangement, well not for them at least.

  • darkspilver

    to be honest, we need pictures!!!......

    Kingdom Hall A - Closing (moving to H, 8 miles away)

    Speke Congregation
    88 Little Heath Road, Speke L24 2TP

    Kingdom Hall G - Closing (moving to H, 9 miles away)

    Belle Vale Congregation
    Cockshead Road, Belle Vale L25 2RB

    Kingdom Hall H - being kept

    Widnes Congregation
    3A Dykin Road, Widnes WA8 3HN

    Kingdom Hall J - (the one closest to G that is closing, 2 miles away)

    Broad Green Congregation
    West Derby Congregation
    Old Thomas Lane, Broad Green L14 3NA

  • Lostandfound

    I think H is St Helens with two congregations using it now. Widnes Congregation is in another circuit and KingdomHall not very spacious

    St Helens more roomy and parking space.

    Need more definite info but my money on move to St Helens. Cannot verify at moment but move to Widnes has no logic, mind you that a good reason for it happening ! If move is to Widnes, then the brothers moving must wonder why they are leaving KHs past their used by date to go to another similar one, yet further away

  • joe134cd

    Interesting observation respectful_observer. You would be correct in having to pass a resolution in order for HO the legally get the money. Although it's the same principle there are a number of factors that are quite different that may of influenced a different out come. I'm guessing the 2 biggest been the amount involved and the elders standing up to them. Obviously for the amount involved HO probably decided it wasn't worth the hassle of fighting over a bunch of very determined elders who were totally correct in what they were saying. Had it been 200k / 2 mill I'm guessing it may of turned into another Menlo Park.

  • slimboyfat

    respectful, is there any way you could tell us where the old KH was?

    I think a lot of regular churchgoers are attracted by nice buildings in prestigious locations. Maybe a few JWs have a similar attitude to some KHs, although JWs would be loath to admit let alone pander to this view of the meetings.

  • darkspilver

    I think H is St Helens with two congregations using it now. Widnes Congregation is in another circuit and KingdomHall not very spacious

    St Helens Kingdom Hall is on the North side of the M62 - on the above map, that's just above where it says 'Clock Face' (it does not have a pointer mark)

    St Helens Kingdom Hall, 17-39 Chester Lane, St Helens WA9 4DA
    Shaw Street Congregation
    Sutton Congregation

    The OP said they are keeping Widnes KH (H) which has just one congregation using it, and moving two other congregations into it - Speke and Belle Vale congregations and selling off their respective KHs (A and G)

  • Lostandfound

    Darkspilver, thanks for that, back to Boy Scouts for map reading badge for me, Chinese whispers at moment

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    An ongoing spate of studies looking at various countries around the world-all show the same thing, religion is in decline. Churches are closing across the world(not only KH), faith is fading, and those men and women who live their lives according to secular values and humanist principles are on the rise.I can't say "thank GOD" that would be inappropriate, so I will thank Satan......

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