My Old Kingdom Hall being merged with TWO other congregations!

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Well, looking at the map and time estimates from google, its not the end of the world. Sure, this will extend the travel time to the KH up to 25 minutes for some, but 25 minutes is not "that" bad.

    That being said, considering how poor many of them is... no car, or money for gaz... that change is not to be underestimated either.

  • blondie

    2 Corinthians 11:14-15

    14 but that by means of an equalizing, your surplus at the present time might offset their need, so that their surplus might also offset your deficiency, that there may be an equalizing. 15 Just as it is written: “The person with much did not have too much, and the person with little did not have too little.


    I'm sure they would quote this scripture not that the WTS ever helps an individual or congregation financially once the money gets sucked that hole at Bethel.

  • Crazyguy

    The nice thing about all these congregations merging is those that are on the fringe will find it even harder to want to go when the drive one way is half hour, 45 minutes or more. This will help to make more fall away and so the dominos continue to fall.

  • blondie

    Also it will be easier to disappear in the crowd, especially since there are no longer smaller book study groups.

    Maybe the KH will get a bus like the churches do....and put the blue logo on the side.

  • Lostandfound

    I have been advised that probably G & A merging to form new cong as H already has 2 units sharing.

    Good luck fighting the Widnes Bridges traffic and coping with the almost complete lack of public transport that is direct. Without a car horrendous journeys to and from. G an original quick build, possibly worn out now.

  • Lostandfound

    My Local source tells me he cannot think there is any public transport that is direct, A people facing incredibly difficult journey , their KH is well past its use by date. G people now have an early quick build that is tight for space of cars. H already has 2 units using it, quite recent with ample parking, good facilities. Probably the two moving units to combine to farm a new unit using H, making 3 units using it.

    Neighbours at H must be delighted at extra traffic. Security round A and G not somewhere you would leave an empty carrier bag, never mind a car. A reasonable move needed but this is not it.

    Elderly have no hope of coping with these journeys, horrendous traffic implications, routes to new location take you right into the worst roads on Merseyside for volume of traffic, heavy traffic to and from Widnes Bridges.

    In cold terms of management reorganisation this might make sense, but Jehovah's people deserve special care and attention. Seriously, the death rate of the elderly ones moving will rise in Winter as this added strain put upon them. Management, maybe, Loving Care, hardly.

    Extra costs for people not insignificant, extra cash for WT also not insignificant but winner guess!

  • Vidiot

    @ pale.emperor...

    Can't help but wonder if some of your former associates are wondering if you might have actually been on to something, huh? :smirk:

  • pepperheart

    AND this is when they are not printing between 40 and 60 million magazines a month as well.AND all 3 carts in my city have gone from 200 and 300 page teaching books to single page tracts

  • Listener

    I wonder how the older ones feel when they see Left thanking them for the wonderful new no e the GB have been given.

  • respectful_observer

    Just as I side point. There was a congregation I know of that inherited some money. I think it was to the tune of about 20k. The wishes in the will was that it be used for the local congregation. The BoE thought fantastic will use the money to buy a state of the art projector - this was as the TVs were been introduced. CO heard about it and told the elders to send the money to HO. The elders refer to the deceased will stipulating for congregation use only, and notify the CO that he is not only going against the deceased wishes but could also be breaking the law.

    My congregation had one of its wealthy members leave a very large sum to the congregation (7 figures) when he died. More than enough to perform a top-quality complete renovation on the KH (which is an older, architecturally significant building). After years of delays from the RBC, that money got sent along to HQ a few years back during the Dollar Dragnet they conducted. I suspect this same guy left some sort of annuity that pays out to the local congregation because ever year we have a resolution to forward on to the Branch a $75,000 donation that was made last month to "the ________ Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses". Guessing his will stipulated the cash go to the local hall, so they have to go through the resolution process to get around the legal stuff.

    The KH still hasn't received its desperately needed renovation. It's on a prime lot in a very wealthy community, so I'm just waiting for the day they announce we need to sell and move 1 town over and share halls with another congregation. Between the cash grab and selling the hall, the WTS could easily clear $5 million from a single congregation.

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