Do You Love The Country You Are In or From?

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  • minimus

    Most people over the generations have taken pride in their heritage, nationality and country they are from. It’s not uncommon to hear of “proud” Italians and proud Irish people , as an example.

    Are you proud of your country and your nationality or do you feel shame or indifference?

  • Diogenesister

    We're British. It's against the rules 😬

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I am extremely proud to be English. As Cecil Rhodes said "To be born an Englishman means you have already won first prize in the lottery of life".

    I feel absolutely no shame about England or Great Britain, even when we have done wrong in the past. It's what it is and we cannot rewrite history. Overall GB has been a force for good around the world. It can't be so bad or we wouldn't have hundreds of foreigners arriving on our shores every day.

    As for those who complain about our past links with slavery and tear down statues, I would say it's too late late to help those slaves long gone. However, it's not too late to help rid our land of modern day slavery. In places such as Leicester and Bradford there are sweat shops packed with enslaved workers housed and working in unhuman conditions. Of course it may be uncomfortable to address these, along with grooming gangs as there will be a need to add the word "Asian" to these.

    St George of England

  • minimus

    Hating your country is like hating your parents and still living under their roof. I’d you don’t like it, go somewhere else. I just saw that on FB.

  • Rocketman123

    Yah Canada baby

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    I'm French, living in France but born from 4 grand-parents who left Poland in the early 30's to work in the coal mines. They were courageous, and I'm proud of them.

    I love my country and the area I live in, but I won't say I'm proud of being French, or Polish or anything else.

    What makes one's pride is the person you are, not the country where you are from.

  • mickbobcat

    England once was a great country but it is fast becoming a hell shit hole. With all the Muslims let go and the idiots who voted for asshats like Kahn, the country is becoming one liberal shit hold. You can not defend yourself in this shit hole with out worrying about you getting charged with a crime, and banning everything from guns to knives while letting racial Islam run wild. Even the left nuts in Monty Python said they did not recognize their own country any longer. At least Londumb. Scotland wants to ban free speech and the list goes on. Glad I visited years ago before it goes off in to the shit hole its headed for.

  • mickbobcat

    Clarinet, you may want to move back to Poland. As France gives into the stupid glad handing the Muslim invaders who kill those they don't like, Poland is not letting the EU tell them who they have to let into the nation. They have a much better crime record than those countries like France and England and Germany that are letting in the hordes wholesale. The EU is destroying the west IMO on purpose.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm British, and I'm proud of the UK.

    It's not perfect and has done some bad things in the past but, on balance, it's a good country (lots of illegal immigrants no doubt agree with me because they're coming here in rubber dinghies, lol).

    We ended the Transatlantic Slave Trade, much to the dismay of African chieftains and kings.

    We helped wipe out Nazism, we did the world a big favour. We gave conquered territories their independence - this is atypical behaviour for empires.

    TBH, it's fairly usual for people to be proud of where they grew up - Homo sapiens is a territorial species, I think it's in our DNA to feel that way.

  • justme

    Yes, i love the U.S & i know we are not perfect, [but what country is to be honest] but it is my native home & i enjoy living here & i can't imagine being without Times Square, & Little Italy, ha ha...

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