A Beautiful Mind

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  • StinkyPantz

    Very good movie!


    I'm starting to get concerned. My favourite movies have a theme of mental illness
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  • LittleToe

    "Hehe, hehe, hehehe, snark... you said "willies"... hehe hehe hehehe..."
    (In best "Beavis and Butthead" tones)

    To add another "Robin William"'s movie to the list, the 1982 movie "The World According to Garp", with a BJ scene worthy of making ANY man cringe!!!

    Antwone Fisher sounds interesting. Thanks for the link, as I appear to have misses out on that one, too.
    I'm getting the impression that some movies don't manage to make it accross the pond, or at least don't make the same splash, over here.


  • StinkyPantz

    Mmmmm. . .tongue. ..

  • Vivamus

    Your own mind can be your worst enemy. Brilliant movie.


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  • blondie

    I enjoyed the movie in spite of its inaccuracies. At least they did not portray his illness as one that could be overcome by prayer and improving his Christian character and preaching to people about the kingdom. You could see that it was a physical illness that could be treated with medication with varying degrees of success.

    I'd like to also note that his son is schizophrenic.

    I saw a documentary a few years ago about a younger man who was filmed when his illness had not yet bloomed forth and then slowly documented the changes in speech, what he talked about, and how even his face changed physically.

    Schizophrenia is one of the most devastating mental illnesses I have ever seen. Anyone who can retrieve some part of their life under these circumstances is amazing.

    Hopefully, humans will keep learning more about mind, an exploration more challenging and rewarding that any space flight.


  • Inquiry

    LOL @ LT.....

    eeeewwwww! I forgot about Garp... and thanks for sharing.... LOL! (going to be thinking about that all day now!) damn!


  • Robdar

    To add another "Robin William"'s movie to the list, the 1982 movie "The World According to Garp"

    I LOVE that movie. One of my all time favorites. The book was funny too. But, yeah, the BJ scene sticks with you for years.


  • SPAZnik
    I'm starting to get concerned. My favourite movies have a theme of mental illness

    Some of my favorite people have or have had a theme of mental illness. That's pretty scary too!!

    I found the Beautiful Mind movie to be unbelievably welldone. Very real portrayal of what goes on in the schizophrenic mind. They did leave out some of the weird religious beliefs common amongst sufferers as well as almost all of the sexually bizarre stuff. But I'm glad they did.

    I was impressed with the humour they allowed into the movie. Some people don't grasp that there is humour in the daily lives of schizophrenia sufferers and their families. They really portrayed the emotions of those involved very well, in my opinion.

    1 in every 100 people have schizophrenia. I imagine that's like an average of one person per every city block. Although many schizophrenics end up jobless, homeless, living on the streets, wrapped up in crime and drugs to survive. The movie was a little idealistic/rare in the end.

    But it was after all, a movie.

  • jgnat

    My mother is bipolar. My ex-husband, son, and son-in-law are all schizophrenic. I cried through the whole movie, and did not say a peep about it to my daughter. She, idealistically, still clings to the hope that she can stay married to a man who sometimes loathes her and does dangerous things.

    It would be lovely if all schizophrenics found a way to some kind of peace (besides suicide).

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