A Beautiful Mind

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  • Prudence

    Great movie and I like the other two as well.

  • nowisee

    russell crowe should have won his oscar for "a beautiful mind" instead of that stupid movie, "the gladiator". what were they thinking?

  • tinkerbell82

    i cried too...but then again i still cry every time i watch 'dumbo'....

  • cruzanheart

    Terrific movie. Here's another good one: "Adaptations." Very different. I like that.


  • LittleToe

    "Good Will Hunting" is on my list - I've not seen it yet.
    I don't think I've heard of "Adaptions" - I'll look it up.

    For a Jack Nicolson treat, I love "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "As Good as it Gets", the latter having a hilarious canine supporting act

    I'm starting to get concerned. My favourite movies have a theme of mental illness

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    I'm starting to get concerned. My favourite movies have a theme of mental illness

    That's OK LT. Coming out of the borg is a little like recovering from a mental illness so I figure it is our attempt to understand it

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    My vote goes to "The Hours", coincidently another film about mental illness. Nicole Kidman did a fantastic job, and rightly got the Oscar for her work.


  • freein89

    A Beautiful Mind was a beautiful movie. Oh and I love Adaptation, my son made me watch it. Very though provoking. The Color Purple is on my list too But two of my all time favorites are old, Imitation of Life and Penny Serenade. Anybody know those two?


  • DanTheMan

    Russell Crowe was simply amazing in this movie - the near-perfect West Virginia accent, his ability to be totally convincing portraying a math genius, his frustration at his medication-induced impotence, he nailed it. I especially remember the scene where he's out in a courtyard on the college campus, and he's pacing around, screaming at his schizophrenic imaginary characters "YOU'RE NOT REAL!!!!!" Superb acting.

  • Francois

    Robdar. No, Nash never said that. And at Princeton, there is NO handing over of pens to someone who has done a fine job of something. The movie does not document all the years our hero spent wandering 'round Europe, nor the fact that he was married to that beautiful wife of his twice in his life.

    I do wish Nash HAD said that about Love, though. It speaks to the idealist in my breast.

    Frank Tyrrell

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