WT Study - 28th Aug 2016 - “Do Not Let the Faults of Others Stumble You”

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    In paragraph 2 of this study, the GBoJW evidences once again that they are sticking to the absurd 1914 doctrine – “When the last days of the present system began...

    I noted that as 2014 approached, the GBoJW became somewhat reticent about making reference to Revelation 12:12 – the “short period of time” scripture. So this study is the first one in a long time in which both the 1914 doctrine and Revelation 12:12 are mentioned in the same study. The latter is mentioned in paragraph 4, but not in direct reference to 1914. From 1914 to 2014 could hardly be regarded as a “short period of time” never mind 1914 to 2016! The GBoJW are brave in putting both these (1914 and Rev 12:12) in the same study article. Some might say foolhardy rather than brave. I could not give a rebuttal to such a perspective!

    The GBoJW then boasts at the end of paragraph 2 that “the number of God’s people on earth is now greater than the entire population of many nations”! Yet in the 2016 Yearbook, the % increase box is left empty for the following nations’ annual report....

    American Samoa; Armenia; Australia; Bahamas; Britain; Canada; Cook Islands; Cuba; Czech Republic; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Greece, Greenland, Grenada; Guadeloupe; Hungary; Iceland; Japan; Kazakhstan; Korea, Republic of; Kosovo; Lebanon; Martinique; Moldova; Netherlands; New Zealand; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Romania; St. Eustatius; St. Kitts; Serbia; Sweden; Tinian; Trinidad & Tobago; Yap.

    (Bold and underlined showing the more developed nations). I think that explains their slant at the end of paragraph 2 – just desperate for an opportunity to boast rather than honestly acknowledge decline! They are truly fixated on increasing numbers, despite Jesus having said that “... few are the ones...” Matt. 7:13

    Paragraph 3 seeks to extol JW’s as loving people – principally because they don’t go off and kill each other or their neighbors in war. They “did not participate in that global slaughter” the paragraph states in reference to WWII. However, omitted is participation in another type of slaughter – concerning the ultimatum to abstain from life saving blood transfusion upon pain of psychological excoriation! There are no statistics that I’m aware of evidencing direct mortality as a result of the blood transfusion doctrine, but the numbers are surely significant. Such does belie the organisation's claim to have “love” as its “dominant quality”. Such a claim is shallow when one considers the ageism in the organisation – dismissal of CO’s upon their 70th birthday, dismissal of many bethelites, the anti-education policy and consequent maintenance of poverty / financial struggles, shunning and more! Not loving that I can discern. Not my experience either! Ask anyone who’s been a victim of the BoE if you don’t believe me!

    Paragraph 5 cites Matt. 22:35-39 under the heading of a “Test of Loyalty”. This scripture is a nice one. The first part is a vertical relationship with God and to me represents spirituality. It does not require any intermediary such as BoE’s or the GBoJW/FDS! So their reference to this scripture to try and convince one to be loyal to the JW organisation is specious and vacuous. The second part of the scripture is a horizontal relationship with one’s neighbor and to me that is religion. The GBoJW would have us believe that their defined ministry is the application of this scripture. However, that trying to place WT literature, show WT videos to people is showing love to one’s neighbor is questionable to put it mildly.

    The end of paragraph 13 strongly reinforces the JW idea of salvation being through affiliation to the JW organisation. There is no reference to the Bible’s teaching that salvation is a result of faith in Christ - known the holy writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through the faith in connection with Christ Jesus” - 2 Tim 3:15 and “For the undeserved kindness of God which brings salvation to all sorts of men...” – Titus 2:11. There are many other scriptures pertaining to salvation and none of them even remotely suggest affiliation to an organisation is a requirement!

    Throughout the article, there is again an unrelenting emphasis on being forgiving and/or waiting on Jehovah to correct a matter. There is an absence of counsel for the perpetrators of malign acts to apologize and make restitution to their victims. This is hardly surprising bearing in mind the excessive use of denial maintained by the WTBTS in dealing with the issue of child molestation. In many respects, their handling of this situation is truly egregious and exacerbates the suffering of the victims. So for this organisation to preach the gospel of forgiveness when it is the perpetrator of many wrongs without the slightest semblance of remorse is a wanton outrage!

    In reading this article, I am again brought to an understanding of why they removed the magazine’s statement of purpose from the January 2013 issue onwards wherein they used to say that it “Adheres to the Bible as it’s authority” and that it “Encourages faith in Christ...” Nope! It adheres to another entity as it’s authority and encourages faith in the GBoJW (aka FDS) and has thus become Korah like in that the Greater Moses is very much an afterthought!

  • fokyc


    I have been a victim of 3 BoE's and I know without any doubt "There is NO love whatsoever in the org."

    The thing that does exist is lies and outright hatred of anyone who questions what is said.

  • skin

    Nice report on that WT study. I had to sit through it. Like this WT and a lot of these other so called bible studies, they are more about not leaving WT, remain loyal to WT (jehovahs organization). They are cutting off any and all possible exits from this religion. And if you do leave, your former WT friends and family are trained to look down at you because you have let Satan take over you. Thank you WT for promoting your message of love!

  • ToesUp

    With each and every Watchtower, Awake, talk, assembly, etc. they are looking more and more cultish. Keep up the good work WT!

  • Thisismein1972

    By saying that the perpetrators will be dealt with would be an omission that the org is not as loving as it says it is.

  • Finkelstein

    " Don't let the faults of others stumble you "

    Like us when we present commercialized false teachings we intentionally make up, doctrines which were made to sell not true and accurate bible interpretations.

    Hey we run a publishing house, what did you expect ?

  • FedUpJW

    I found that once again the entire WT discussion could be summed up by saying, if someone does anything that offends you, hurts you spiritually, physically, or emotionally, IT'S YOUR FAULT! After all you allowed them to do so. If on the other hand YOU do anything that offends them, hurts them spiritually, physically, or emotionally, then IT'S YOUR FAULT! You aren't showing "love".

    And of course the everlasting fall back argument that not allowing yourself to be kicked down, and then asking to be kicked some more while you're down is the same as rejecting God.

    I did notice too, there seemed to be a veiled excuse for their continued refusal to either acknowledge or handle the child abuse going on in congregations. The article made references to. . .many other cases that could be cited in which some who served Jehovah committed bad acts and hurt others. Sometimes those who have been guilty of serious sins reject Jehovah’s mercy and are unrepentant. In such situations, will you have confidence that Jehovah will in time judge such wrongdoers, perhaps removing them from the congregation?

    Notice that they again trot out the "wait on Jehovah" card, and say PERHAPS, even if that person who made a mistake" is unrepentant? That is their get-out-of-jail free card. Of course the poor widows and orphans in the congregation who slip up will be summarily executed (DF'd).


  • eyeuse2badub

    I also went to the wt meeting yesterday with my lovely wife. I particularly enjoyed paragraph 3 where it pointed out jehober's dominant quality-------love. The paragraph went on to point out that----- "55 million people were killed in WWII alone. However, Jehovah's Witnesses did not participate in that global slaughter."

    On the way home I mentioned to my lovely wife that it seemed a bit odd to me that the same paragraph that talked up jehober's love would also mention the fact that jehober allowed 55 million of his children to perish in WWII. Why? I also mentioned that Jehovah's Witnesses will not have to participate in the coming global slaughter at the big "A" when BILLIONS WILL PERISH!

    Silence the rest of the way home but I know she was thinking about it.

    just saying!

  • baker

    Seems like the GB is preparing to unveil the next "big" news that The Spiritual Ark of the Covenent has been found and placed in their headquarters in NY and only the big 8 are allowed to gaze upon it. They will open it and start revealing to the great crowd, a new date of say 2025 and all who question will be DA,d. Kinda like gideon,s horns circling the wall and blowing them away with the noise. I would not put it past them to try a stunt like this to firm up those left "in", because as you look around inside their halls, the numbers are shrinking, don't see any new faces, and old ones dying off.

  • Vidiot

    @ baker...

    With all the weird new stuff they've been coming up with recently, seems like anything's on the table at this point.

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