WT Study - 28th Aug 2016 - “Do Not Let the Faults of Others Stumble You”

by Nicholaus Kopernicus 24 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • scratchme1010

    It is not getting cultish, IT IS A CULT. Always has been, always will be.

  • stuckinarut2

    The "crazy" just keeps getting Crazier!

    And, Yes, to summarize the societies thoughts: "everything is YOUR fault" (even victims of abuse)

  • bobld

    Are they not trying to justify their sins by using those three bible examples.

  • Tornintwo
    Throughout the article, there is again an unrelenting emphasis on being forgiving and/or waiting on Jehovah to correct a matter. There is an absence of counsel for the perpetrators of malign acts to apologize and make restitution to their victims. This is hardly surprising bearing in mind the excessive use of denial maintained by the WTBTS in dealing with the issue of child molestation. In many respects, their handling of this situation is truly egregious and exacerbates the suffering of the victims. So for this organisation to preach the gospel of forgiveness when it is the perpetrator of many wrongs without the slightest semblance of remorse is a wanton outrage

    Very astute....this was one of the first teachings that got me smelling a rat about 5 years before I left. Invariably used to make lowly, rank and file members put up the harsh, unloving "mistakes" of elders in the congregation. What you have a problem with elder so and so being a pervert/a fraudster/abusive/manipulative/greedy/nasty/self righteous/unloving.... Don't you know you should forgive and keep your mouth shut whilst he awaits his princely reward?

  • Thisismein1972

    And we wonder why this cult produces and attracts abusive personalities.

    Unfortunately I fell victim to such abusive characters. One being and elder, and also my landlord. The other being a pioneer "in good standing."

    I still remember to this day a comment that the pioneer made on conduct.

    "I like where the article mentions that just as long as we are working hard for Jehovah, he will forgive us for other things."

    Translated. I can be as much as a bitch as I please because I am a pioneer, and the elders will always take my side over anyone who just happens to be a lowly publisher.

    Or as one elder said to me when I finally got the courage to stand up to her abuse. You do know if there isn't TWO WITNESSES then there is nothing we can do! Needless to say, there was nothing done about it.

    And don't get me started on my previous landlord elder!

  • Vidiot

    WT - “Do Not Let the Faults of Others Stumble You..."

    ...'Specially Ours"

  • steve2

    Pamphlet addressed specifically to members of the churches of Christendom and delivered to their doors by humble-minded Jehovah's Witnesses: "Do Not Let the Faults of Others Stumble You..."



    On a related note, I just saw a billboard for the Catholic Church. It read:

    "Under the same management for 2000 years."

    Lol!! I laughed when I thought of all the RCC's disgusting behavior. This reminded me of the WTBTS's equally disgusting behavior, espescially when it comes to the ORG's HUGE Pedo problem!

    An Eldub went on and on about a "special" broadcast by one of the GB. It was all about not holding a grudge. I can only assume it's an older one by Gerrit Loesch. "Gudge...sludge...", ect.

    Abusers ALWAYS blame the victim. The WTBTS will burn to the ground before they give an apology to anyone.


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Yes, the whole WT/GB are very big on the lowly rank and file to "not speak abusively of glorious ones..."

    They place themselves in the seat of Moses and then say that any who disagree with them are like the rebellious ones of Korah's day....

  • stuckinarut2

    Muddy Waters: They place themselves in the seat of Moses and then say that any who disagree with them are like the rebellious ones of Korah's day....

    Well said!

    There is NO room for even a polite observation or comment that varies from the GB directives without being maligned and labelled as a "rebellious one!" And yet, if the GB changes it's mind on something, we all must change too!

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