Any Contractors here that can HELP ME?????????????????????

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    I am a contractor and do construction defect litgation with some six law firms. It has been my experience that he who wins has documented the most.

    First what kind of mold? stachybotrys? aspergillus? Penicilium?

    What type of construction was used in your building? What were the standards?

    Answer these questions and you will have a case!

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    Th anks for the suggestion that sounds like good advice. We opened an escrow account to make our rent deposits. Our attorney said the court would most likely make the owner pay for or reimburse us for at least a percentage of our attorney’s fees.

    There was a van this evening around11.p.m. Pulled up and hoisted a very large hose over the gates and up to the second floor, our floor, to an apartment across the breezeway from us. The patio doors were open on the balcony and we could see large fans blowing in the apartment and the hose pumping water out of it into the street. The manager was yelling at the tenants that her credit card was maxed out and she could not afford to put them up in a motel while the apartment dried out. She did say that she would call her boss and see if they would agree to reimburse them their expenses for having to stay in a motel.

    She also told them there were no available apartments to put them in for the time being for at least a month. There are at least 3 or 4 empty apartments in the building.

    It has been my experience that he who wins has documented the most.

    Thanks for that advice and the Q&A's it is going to be a great help I'm sure.

    When Jim came home, he went into the master shower to check it out and found a wet towel scrunched up on the floor, the plumber left it. He picked up the towel and when it fell open, it was covered with a black moldy smelly substance. He must have used it to wipe up something and forgot to put it in the bag he threw out. I put it in a zip lock bag and sat it out on the balcony. I'm going to give it to who ever shows up to inspect.

    I spent all night last night writing to everyone in the field of health safety. I got a suggestion from someone in the field of interest to also call the DEA and have them come out and test.

    Thanks everyone for all your great responses. It has been a great help to us.

    I keep this updated to let you know what happens and what we ended up with. Maybe this can help someone else in the future as well.


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    I read a letter on the Internet about blacl mold and attempting to treat it with bleach. It can make it WORSE!

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    they are doing a story on this subject and want an interview with me. They might put this in the paper!



    jumping up and down trying not to expect too much

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    oh ya, and the licensed contractor, so far he doesn't exist. neither does his truch. The DMV has no record of his license plates.

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    Here's some help for the mold. I have severe reactions: headache, fuzzy head, crankiness, it makes you crazy!

    BORAX kills mold. As a stopgap solution it may help. Available at the grocery store in the bleach/detergent section - it is NOT bleach.

    Mix it up as directed w/water and cover all affected areas inside your apartment. Just dip a rag in the solution (you don't need to wear gloves) and wipe down all affected areas once every two weeks. I know it's a bit of work, but it will kill the surface mold and give you and your son some immediate, if temporary, relief.

    I hope this is a some help. Molds are V. dangerous.

    good luck and best wishes


  • plmkrzy

    Thanks Tal that's good to know. I passed it on to my neighbors incase they have any signs of mold showing up anywhere visibal.

    The only visible areas in my apartment were on the ceiling and the manager had it painted. It is already begining to show through. We photographed before and after pics to show in court on Monday. Hope the court tria is a just one.

    I will be doing a short interview with a reporter after the trial next week

    LA Times.

    When the article comes out I'll post it.

    Thanks again everyone for all the good advice.


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