Any Contractors here that can HELP ME?????????????????????

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  • plmkrzy

    Thank You Jim Will do.

    Right now I think I need a drink.

    I don't drink but I am making an exception tonight. I am so exausted from all of this.

  • plmkrzy

    BTW I got a property profile from a friend who works in a Title office, The last tax assessment done on this property was $5,000,000.00 for improvements and $165,000.00 for Land Value. That was 2001 when the owner gifted the property to himself by taking it out of his name and putting it in the name of "Victoria Apartments"

    The new legal owner of this property is "Victoria Apartments" and the County Tax Assessor has no recorded knowlegde of any other name on the title.

    Victoria Apartments I guess would be the corporate owner?

    Does anyone have knowledge of how this might affect the outcome? Can he hide under this somehow?

  • plmkrzy

    Latest pics of lower garage. Above that is the upper garage, obviously.

    Above that it the laundry room and water heater room

    Above that is the first floor

    above that is the 2nd floor , our apartment.

    Above that is the 3rd floor.

    So even though the building is listed as 3 story it is in fact more then that. The lower garage is underground. The upper garage is level with the ground floor then there is the first floor above it.

    How normal is this???

    It stays wet all the time. The brickwalls are always wet and the garage floods if the laundryroom is used a lot in one day.

    I hope this isn't a pic of a redX

    Incase it is I will upload the link instead.

    When I saw these I was speachless.

  • plmkrzy
  • Prisca

    Any pics you can get of the damage is good, get as much evidence as you can. Make records of all contact you have with the landlord/managers and what is said to whom.

    I truly sympathise with you. I used to live in a place with terrible mould on the ceilings. The roof tiles were cracked and rain would literally run down a lounge-room wall. The landlord got onto the roof one day and claimed he couldn't find any broken tiles. Yet the peeling paint on the lounge room wall was more than enough evidence of the rain coming through.

    ((((((Plum)))))) hang in there.

  • onacruse


    Just to offer my agreement to the suggestions the others have made:

    1) Call the local authority for health, life and safety; if in doubt who to call, start with the county building department (they'll have all the contacts). This should trigger several inspections; one for the mold, one for structural safety, possibly one for fire safety, possibly one for electrical safety, possibly one for plumbing. (Once these guys get going, it's usually a sharks that smell blood).

    2) Mold remediation should, and in most cases by law, must be done by contractors specifically trained and certified to perform such work. It often requires semi-annual re-inspections for 2 years or more to assure that the remediation was successful.

    3) Call the Contractor's Board to see if those working as subs are actually licensed. If you have names, great. If not, just let them know that you suspect there are unlicensed contractors working on your building; that should prompt an on-site response within 24 hours (again, when they smell blood...the fines for working unlicensed are substantial, both for the sub and for the owner).

    4) Keep in mind that health, life and safety code enforcement for multiple-family dwellings is usually more diligent that for single-family, if for no other reason than that MFDs are often categorized as commercial structures.

    Good hunting!! You have our number


  • Satanus


    I have been in contruction for over 25 yrs. I agree w the advice about getting inpectors in there. Also, you could consult an independent building inspector. It would cost, but be unbiased.

    The pictures and what you said about flooding during heavy laundry days, suggests broken drain/sewer pipes. Water is leaking back into the building. It may be rotting the concrete floor/footings/foundation from the bottom up. Water vapor from it may also be causing the mildew/mould to grow. The root cause must be found and eliminated. Bleach is just a placebo, at this stage.

    Having his mr fixit fill a large cement floor crack w spackle that is made for patching walls, is ludicrous. Even just a cosmetic fix would require special cement or two component caulking to be pumped into the crack.

    That mould truly is dangerous. I once had a small job to do in a house w mildew. A 2 hour job took me all day, because evey time i went in, i felt terribly sleepy. It totally knocked me out. If i had to live in one, i think i would get sick.


  • onacruse

    Plum, as a comment on your garage floor pics: There is usually a wall-to-wall piece of angle-iron attached to and/or embedded metal dowels that tie a concrete floor into a cinder-block (CMU) wall. In the case of such high levels of moisture penetration as your pics show, these metal components will rust away.

    Lemme take a guess...this building is about 20-25 years old?


    suggests broken drain/sewer pipes

    I agree, or at least drain lines clogged by roots, etc. Wanna bet there ain't a clean-out within 100 ft?

    Craig (of the 25 yr class)

  • plmkrzy
    (Once these guys get going, it's usually a sharks that smell blood).

    Words of comfort at a time like this for sure. I need every window of opportunity to crack a smile right now.

    He refused to give me his license info. Or Name. Therefore, while he was working in the shower I went out to his pickup and jotted down his license plate number. Hope it produces something. My luck lately it will be in his auntie’s name. Lol!


    Thanks Prisca ((((hugs))))


    A 2 hour job took me all day, because evey time I went in, I felt terribly sleepy. I totally knocked me out.

    I have never heard that before about mold. It makes so much sense. Everytime I come home I feel like my energy is zapped right out of me. My son is the same way. He slept all day today and I remember thinking how strange it was for him to be that lazy on a Saturday. OMG! This just keeps getting worse.

    I am going to start looking for medical advice on Monday morning as well.

    Thanks for that input, I had no idea.

    The building was constructed in the 70’s
  • Loris

    When I was in a dispute with a landlord my lawyer had me pay my rent to the county Clerk of the Circuit Court. The Clerks office sent a receipt to the landlord letting her know that depending on the outcome of the court decision she may or may not get the money. But I was showing good faith and not attempting to stiff the landlord out of rent money, I was just wanting to be treated fairly and was allowing the court decide the facts.

    It is never a good idea to withhold rent from a landlord because that gives them a whole new way to get rid of you - the real problem in their book.

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