Any Contractors here that can HELP ME?????????????????????

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  • plmkrzy

    Hello all

    I am still hanging on by a thread here, but I think the thread is a little stronger then it was a month ago. Not much but a little is better then nothing.

    Some of you are aware of one of my many problems and some are not. To those of you who are knowledgeable in the world of contracting or construction or building code standards, please help with some advice.

    Our apartment is sinking slowly. ...Perhaps. We are currently in the middle of a lawsuit that has to do with neglect on the part of the management company of the apartment complex we reside at and have for 10 years.

    About an hour ago, the resident manager came to our apartment to tell me that they were here to fix the large crack in the dinning room floor. It is a concrete floor and the crack is 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide and about 10 feet long. Probably much longer because it goes from wall to wall.

    I blocked off the dinning room area so no one would walk around in it because I do not know why the floor is cracked so badly. There were a few repairs made on the outside of the building a few months ago that were very visible, a contractor came out after the city told them to repair it. The entire section was torn down and rebuilt.

    The crack was not as large as the one in our dinning room. However, it was in the walkway of the front entrance to the building on the second floor and couldn't be missed.

    Our crack is in the dinning room under the tile and was only found while we were putting in new floor tile.

    The manager told us she would get to it as soon as she could. It was January 2003 the last time she said they were getting to it. Any time now.....

    Since then a LOT has happened around here and now she is denying that, she even knew about it.

    She brought the maintenance man (painter) with her to my door and told me he was here to repair the crack in the floor.

    He had a small tub of Spackle in his hand.

    He is now fixing it.

    We are going to court on the 25th and the management is going to say they fixed it.

    What would any of you do if in my position?

    This is only one thing on a very long list of problems in this building. Another is "mold" inside the walls.

    Side note, The manager is not aware that I have pictures. Just in case I might need them for something.

    BTW, we are 4 floors up.

  • plmkrzy

    Oh and before anyone say's it, I already know what the most obvious answer is


    We are planning to do exactly that but are not ready. We have to wait about 3 or 4 more months because we are trying to buy a house.

    In the mean time we are dealing with GOBBS of Crappola not to mention there is a lot of money on the table regarding this situation and it can go either way depending on who is the most justified for their actions. We stopped paying rent last month until they wait they did address the problems many times. LOL. Until they DO SOMETHING about the problems.

    They are now trying to say we owe them lots and lots of money.

    Thats all I will go into right now otherwise this post will take up another page all by its self.

  • Simon

    Photos, lot's of photo's ... expecially of cracks in buildings etc ...

    Sounds like they are just doing a cosmetic cover up when it is something structural.

    ... but still move !

  • plmkrzy

    Thank You Simon, that is exactly what I was thinking but I know nothing about this stuff at all. The crack does frighten me and we do have another entire floor above us.

  • KGB

    I have been in the trades for 28 years. I can tell you that it will not be long and the crack will reappear once again. Simon is correct in saying that it was just a cosmetic repair but cosmetics only last for a little while. The problem is settling in your foundation and could be caused by many things. What need to be done is some new footings poured to keep it from continuing to settle....

  • plmkrzy

    Up date.

    He just finished putting putty in the crack in the dinning room, the manager came and photographed it and they said thats done.

    Next on the list is the mold.

    She instructed him to spray bleach on the cieling and cover it with dye or stain of some kind that they have in the supply building. When he is done with that let her know.

    The mold is turning the ceiling black. It is black algue coming right through the ceiling. The manager said it was really nothing that bleach will not take care of and thats that.

    We don't know if it is the algue that has caused me to be sick for several months out of the year.

    I was very sick all winter and only started feeling better for awhile when the weather warmed up enough to open up the apartment and air it out, plus I spent more time out doors.

  • plmkrzy

    KGB, there was a "rumor" a few years ago that the building was slipping off its foundation by about maybe a foot. Maybe it was inches, I don't remember.

    How would I find out if the building was properly reinforced or whatever?

  • plmkrzy

    Just incase you may be familure with this area, The name of the building is The Windsor House in Rancho Palos Verdes, California USA 90275. The manager is Mary Jo Rowlette

    There are 55 apartments here total.

    oh and they are going to court on August 25th 2003 to say all the problems were fixed and file suit against us.

  • plmkrzy


    I just asked the maintenance guy how many years has he worked for this owner and he said he works for a lot of building owners he is an independent contractor. He is also here at least 3 days a week every week and has been since I can remember. I only see him paint and putty.

    I asked him for his business card. He said he was sorry but he doesn't have a business card.

    I told him to just jot his name and number on a piece of paper. He just looked down, said, “sure”, and went about his business. Then he told his friend to go tell the manager something but I couldn't understand everything because he said it in Spanish and I only understand a tiny bit of Spanish.

    Something is very smelly.

    I need to do something fast but I don’t know what. How fast does it take an inspector to inspect something when it is finished? Can I get an inspector before the 25 th ? Sheesh. This is Saturday

  • Maverick

    Stress or settlement cracks are common and usually appear within the first year of construction. Though some may take up to three years to appear. The type of soil; fill, sand, clay, etc. all act different and require different foundation systems. If you are correct in what was being used on this crack then the handyman is clueless. Bandaiding the problem will not solve anything. How old is the building? Where are you located? By this I mean, city and area. What type of foundation, slab, block, pillings? Is there a basement? Are there large trees next to the house? How many stories and is it a single family home? Was there an addition put on this house?

    As for the mold, if it is black it may be sooty mold, this is a bio-hazardous situation and you should not touch it. Call the local health department. Be prepared to move out if you do this. Mold indicates moisture in the walls and depending were you live termites love this. Do you have a flat or Spanish style roof? Are your gutters intact? What type of walls do you have, drywall, plaster, block or paneling? Is the mold in wet areas like bathrooms and laundry or mud room? Is it on the ceilings? As you can tell by the questions I have asked there are a lot of factors to consider. Maverick

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