I Give Up!

by pale.emperor 25 Replies latest jw experiences

  • just fine
    just fine

    I don't even attempt to speak to my siblings, it's too hard. They are ignorant and arrogant, but, of course when you have the "truth" everyone else is stupid 🙄

  • rebel8

    Yeah I had people come to me when they started to wake up for a shoulder to cry on--people who had been HORRIBLE to me. And I stupidly helped them. I was way younger and way dumber back then.

    They can all f*&^ off as far as I'm concerned.

  • pale.emperor

    If he has to have others make up his mind for him then he is a perfect substance to be made a perfect jw. and dropping them its their loss not yours. Hows the hobbies going?

    You're absolutely right Zeb. The thing is, even when i was a JW i was the one that fixes problems. No one's ever there for me when i needed them. I get through things on my own. Yet when stuff happens it's like "oh lets go to Pale.Emperor, he'll know what to do, he'll sort it out" then when they're sorted they leave again.

    I dont need them. It's no big loss to me. Like Luo bou to said:

    I considered my JW family as dead to me you can't relate to the dead so why bother

    This is what i have to do now. As of yesterday coming out of work i decided that. And im a lot less stressed about it. If they wake up they can join here and ask you guys for help i like did, like we all did. Get through it on their own. That's if they ever wake up.

    On a side note. I wonder who my mother will turn to in 20 years when she's 80yo with no pension, no savings, no nest egg - she didnt need it, she joined in 1976, armageddon was right around the corner. Will she turn to my sisters who dont work? How about my brother that rents a three room shack in a rough neighborhood? Oh if only she had another son who had his s^it together and was financially stable?


    [Hobbies are going great Zeb. Im into photography now. If i wasn't disfellowshipped i certainly would be by now for all the naked women that have posed in my class].

  • Chook

    Pale we all on here appreciate your openness, we will help you when and if your family fail you . I'm lucky I didn't lose family members when I left JWs because they are " wordly" , I can only imagine the emotional pain of being shunned by the person who breast fed you , it just seems so unnatural. Try not get to angry with the cult affected parents instead take it out on the JW church, which I know you do a fine job of exposing the Jw fraud.

  • smiddy

    PE , you have just lost a battle not the war , dont give up just try a new stategy.You never know what tomorrow brings.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    How very sad. Well illustrates how deeply embedded the Programming and Guilt and Fear are as a result of the coordinated Mind Control Operation.

    There is yet hope, however. Seeds have been planted which will yet germinate and take root. Waking up for most is a gradual process with many "one step forward two steps back" events which can be very frustrating to observe. There is no logic or rationale involved - the deep seated fears are very strong emotions and when they "trigger" the "Borg effect" kicks in.

    After you've survived the frustration and peace returns, you'll realize that "giving up" is not a prudent option. Your strengths, your patience, your long-suffering and your Love are what bring them to you in times of need. One day they'll all comprehend that and thank you for it!

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