"Just around the corner." The dumbest song that I have ever heard..

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  • konceptual99
    The very fact that they have the elderly couple in the final scene proves that the older ones are getting frustrated at the delays..... This seems like a deliberate attempt to keep them hanging on.....

    Quite right. If you look at the broadcast earlier on and see the account of the elderly couple in Etheopia this was exactly the same They spent years in full time service, went to Bethel and are now pioneers - clearly after having been chucked out of Bethel for being too old. Their message was one of support for the org and accepting this change which is clearly the message for all those others in the the same boat or witnessing it.

  • pale.emperor

    From where im sitting at home I'll tell you what's "just around the corner"... a liquor store. There's my paradise right there.

    In all serious though, would you REALLY want to live in a world full of Jehovahs Witnesses? I think i'd rather die in armageddon.

  • Diogenesister


    No tractors after Armageddon. Horse-drawn carts.

    And CHILD SLAVE LABOUR! (According to their picture!)

  • Diogenesister
    rebel8 Thankfully the bros are the stronger vessels, so they will have to do the manual labor with the hoes.
    Brother's never could keep their hands off a them ho's!
  • Vidiot

    Pete Zahut - "Are they trying to wake people up???"

    You'd definitely be forgiven for wondering.

    Personally, I suspect that that sort of is what's happening - albeit on a semi-subconscious level. It further alienates doubters and fence-sitters, who - let's be honest - the Org doesn't really want anyway.

  • nowwhat?

    And I thought nothing could beat the "singing literature cart"

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes all of these presentations that have been made over the last 4 to 5 years are doing an amazing job at highlighting the ridiculousness of the society!

    I simply wonder what the so called intellectual ones who are still in the organisation honestly think about these things ? I mean seriously in their quiet moments alone do they not look at these things and think "what the hell is this embarrassing stuff??"

  • Vidiot

    nowwhat? - "And I thought nothing could beat the 'singing literature cart'..."

    The one-two punch of the Sparlock and Deafsturbation videos? :smirk:

  • baker


    Rather listen to some upbuilding music

  • Vidiot

    @ baker...

    I've long had a fervent hope that that song would become the XJW community's unnofficial anthem. :smirk:

    Series composer Bear McCreery recorded a kickass cover for the Battlestar Galactica reboot a few years back.

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