In theory, can one be disfellowshipped for attempted suicide?

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  • _Morpheus

    @dreary, you are 100% wrong. It indeed a df’ing offense in and of itself, with no other sin involved. Please consider the possible bad results from spreading innacurate information. People ask these questions at times hypothetically but at times its a significant question that has real world impact.

    Clearly attempted suicide can result in a jc being formed. Anytime a jc is formed df’ing is a possible result.

  • Diogenesister

    The fact that everyone has had such different experiences just goes to show how inconsistent the "holy spirit" is! However the very fact its is LISTED amoung disfellowshipping offences in the S.T.F.O.G. book goes to show it is veiwed with disapproval, not compassion, in the Watchtower.

  • minimus

    I knew of someone that almost was disfellowshipped in absentia because he committed suicide. Other elders on the body prevailed to not allow this to be done. Plus, every one has the right to appeal, right??😶

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    If one can be DF'd for attempted suicide then doesn't that give suicidal JWs added motivation to ensure that their plot to take their own life, succeeds?

  • Drearyweather


    regarding your comment:

    @dreary, you are 100% wrong. It indeed a df’ing offense in and of itself, with no other sin involved

    Just carefully read the subtitle in page 58, before point 2: "Offences Requiring Judicial Decisions." The Title is not "Offences Requiring Disfellowshipping.".

    This is because not all judicial decisions end up in disfellowshipping.

    The first sentence of para 2 says: "Listed below are offences that may require judicial review".

    The list given on pages 58- forward are not the offences liable for disfellowshipping, but ones where judicial review may be required.

    Going to point 4. Attempted Suicide: The last sentence says, "In most cases, a judicial hearing may not be required". Thus in many cases, no disfellowshipping is required.

    So, I stand by what I said: Attempted suicide may be a reason for Judicial review. But it is not a direct basis for disfellowshipping. A person is not disfellowshipped simply because he attempted suicide.

    I personally know of 3 such cases in my circuit, who attempted suicide due to financial/property dispute reasons. None of them were disfellowshipped.

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    At the direction of the BOE, myself and another elder went to the hospital to bedside check on sister and while there "find out what she did".

    She OD'ed in hopes of killing herself.

    She recovered.

    We formed a JC.

    She was privately reproved.

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