2 witness rule

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Fisherman: This forum is about exchanging ideas and learn in the process. I have seen plenty of arguments where one or even both of the opposing views reached a new, or should I say, an improved understanding of the topic at hand.

    You, however, don't answer questions that would lead to personal growth. You are are not only wasting our time and causing aggravation; you are, in fact, lying to yourself! To deliberately avoid questions that could or should be explored, you cowardly avoid the truth and seek the comfort of ignorance.

    Stop deceiving yourself: typing endless nonsense on here in defense of the WT does not make you courageous when you avoid valid questions and ignore facts presented to you.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Hey everyone, just a sanity check here:

    The watchtower never wrote anything on the concept that a second witness, can, in fact, be something other than a visual testimony: material proof, medical proof, DNA, etc.

    Am I correct? Please, please correct me if I am wrong.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I think half banana may be on to something. Could there have been allegations involving some prominent figures within the organisation? Stranger things have happened!

    Maybe Watchtowers 2 witness rule might just be the perfect get out clause to avoid one of the biggest scandals to potentially hit the organisation. I have read that there has been some allegations made about a past GB member.


    I'm not sure if the WT said that forensics could be a "witness." Yet, even if they did, the crime would need to be reported to the Police immediately.

    Is that going to happen with the current mindset of protecting "Mother" at all costs???

    Only the GB can effect real change from their golden microphone's, sitting on their collective throne. Only they can change the mindset of 8 Million persons with one Monthly Broadcast.

    Will the GB display the courage needed to relinquish control over their child-like followers, helping them to be "spiritually mature", and no longer in need of the GB's training wheel program?

    Will the collective/singular FDS, the most spiritually insightful theological construct in all of humankind's vast, 6,000+ year history, protect the children of Earth as would The Christ??

    STAY TUNED!!!! 📺

    ( I actually laughed at my own writing!! That's some good shit. I should do this for a living! 😎)


  • StephaneLaliberte
    DATA-DOG: I'm not sure if the WT said that forensics could be a "witness." Yet, even if they did, the crime would need to be reported to the Police immediately.

    Obviously, the crime needs to be reported to the police, otherwise, how would they gather the forensics? That's the point, because the JWs ignore the police work, they don't see the value of it.

  • Diogenesister
    Fishy The gov could also proscribe child abusers from joining any churches. ... In the meantime, legislation is what it is

    Now that's a bizarre thing to say. Nobody said or implied child abusers shouldn't join churches.

    Aside from the fact that time and again Watchtower has not reported *despite* mandatory reporting; why do they need to be forced to do the right thing.

    No one wants them to form JC's, either, without their blasted 2 Witnesses; they can do what the heck they want with their jc's. What we ask, what anyone who Cares for the welfare of kids ask, is that if they get a report of child abuse they refer it to the authorities and let them deal with it. Period.

  • konceptual99

    I am sure there has been something documented where the org does say that should evidence such as forensics come to light then they would accept that but I can't find it. The example I was thinking of is where an allegation is made, no cong action is taken due to there not being two witnesses but the crime is reported and then the authorities find evidence of abuse and then prosecute. This would be the second witness and then cong action could be taken.

    I am sure this has been documented somewhere...

  • Fisherman
    Now that's a bizarre thing to say. Nobody said or implied child abusers shouldn't join churches.

    How is it bizzare and I never said that anyone said that child abusers shouldn't join churches. Again, if you could only read, in the Conti case it was established at the trial that it was known to competent authorities that Kendricks abused a minor before he abused Candace. Had he not been allowed by statute to join a church, he could not have had access to Candace, but instead, the authorities unleashed the perpetrator without warning upon society expecting the church to do their police work for them, the church not being legally required to do so.

    Disclaimer: Kendricks was never criminally convicted beyond reasonable doubt of abusing Candace and maintains his innocence.

  • flipper

    Punk- The JW's take everything literally many times in the Bible so when they read this stupid crap about " at the mouth of two witnesses every matter must be established " - it's like the old expression we used to hear kids say in school when we were young " this I know, for the Bible tells me so. "

    WT leaders and JW's are so naive and gullible they actually believe most of this junk in the Bible. However they prefer to believe Bible junk that will help them save their financial empire. So they pick and choose which Bible junk they'll use - and which junk they'll ignore. And at the end of the day WT leaders feel they are " entitled " to make these decisions on behalf of 8 million gullible JW's because they think Jesus and Jehoover have chosen them to lead these 8 million JW's into the imaginary " paradise".

    It's insane, but hey a bunch of sociopathic, narcissistic nutcases run the WT Society- so what are we to do ? Just expose them as best we can ! Take care buddy, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Listener

    Their two witness rule is really a two eyewitnesses rule in most cases, which include allegations of child abuse. There is a huge difference between these two.

    They claim there are 8 million witnesses to Jehovah but there is not 8 million eyewitnesses to Jehovah. They have a number of reasons why they believe that they can claim themselves as being credible witnesses and none of them are because they have physically seen Jehovah. Yet they will not apply the same principles to a victim.

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