I'm **so** glad I won't be in 'the new system'

by Simon 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    Yes, true ... but we'd probably spend more in plasters and bandages for the kids (although they'd love it for riding their bikes)

    It's such a nice difference to open the window now (this morning) but boy, am I aching !

  • Cicatrix

    What a beautiful lawn, Simon and Angharad!

    Ironically, we are working on adding an attached greenhouse so I can expand our garden and reduce our lawn size. We are pouring the cement this afternoon, in fact. But then, I'm an advocate of low maintenance gardening-I weed until the plants are well established, then I don't weed anymore.It looks messy, but it works out pretty well, as the bugs tend to be attracted to the weeds instead of my plants (with the exception of potatoes, and I solved that problem-I don't grow potatoes.They're too cheap to bother with the hassle).Next year, I hope to install an irrigation system, then I'll just have to turn on a faucet to water,too.

    As far as the mowing goes, if I had my way, we would just "naturalize" our two acre lawn,but I have four boys with a thing for mowing, not to mention a father-in-law with a brand new wide-deck ride-on mower, so I don't have to touch the lawn, hehe. The thing is, if I "lived forever in Paradise," none of them would be there, being the "worldly" people they are, and I would have to mow my lawn myself, lol.

    And as far as the vacuum goes, I'm tellin' you-wood floors are the way to go!I had to vacuum constantly when I was a kid, and I hated it. When we moved into our house, we ripped out all the carpeting as soon as we could and replaced it with wood.

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