I'm **so** glad I won't be in 'the new system'

by Simon 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • smack

    But Simon and Angerhead will make as good a compost as the rest of us.

    That's only gotta be good for the survivors


  • Thirdson

    It takes three hours to mow my lawn, two and a half if you do it without the bag. I have a 15 year old son, so I spend next 0 time mowing.


    PS Son keeps asking when we are going to get a tractor.

  • anglise

    Hi Simon

    That is a BIG space to keep under.

    Is that turfs I spy? You could have seeded and then not had to cut the grass for months whilst it grew. Therefore gaining a mud pile for the boys to play in this summer and peaceful evenings with no grass to cut. (Just a thought LOL)

    You could also have got Charlie Dymock to come round.

    It looks a lovely house and garden for everyone to enjoy.

    Have fun with it all.


  • riz

    simon and ang- your boys are so cute! even the one who resembles groucho marx. is he in the witness protection program too?

  • SheilaM

    I don't wanna hear you complaining Simon I OFFERED for you to fly me over FREE and I would do your entire garden and you didn't want to so ------------->stomps feet and walks off

  • drwtsn32

    Uh oh, better rip up that grass and try again! Looks like you forgot to install underground sprinklers!!

  • jgnat

    There IS mow-less grass out there. One of them was developed by a scientist here in Alberta. I am not sure if this is the one, but, hey. You could always rip up your turf and start again.


  • BluesBrother

    You and me both on that one! It is the biggest waste of time (IMHO of course), and you have to do it at the times when there are so many better things to do

    It used to bother me when I was a dub. Eternal life tending the soil did not seem much fun to me. I used to think maybe I could do something else , please!!

  • Xena

    Lovely yard Simon & Ang....lol I gave up the house and moved to an apartment so I could have other people take care of the landscaping for me

    Besides the yard work....things that realllllllly didn't appeal to me about the "paradise"

    becoming a "Sara" like women....hell will freeze over before I refer to any man as "my lord"

    no red meat....I am a TEXAN that is like denying us our life blood...oh wait they did that too didn't they???

    no sex if my spouse died before the end....uuummmm NO I don't think so!

    I don't know with the exception of the being friends with lions stuff it looked pretty dull to me........

  • Simon

    Yea, we thought of seeding but we'd have had to keep the kids off it for even longer then. Clearing the ground was the hardest part (all the prep) ... the turf itself went down really quickly.

    I am NOT ripping it up now, LOL !

    Next job, once it's established, is to have a BBQ (though I'll be tempted to put "keep off the grass" signs everywhere )

    Our littlest one (in the fake nose / glasses) is a right little clown.

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