Well, they came again. Really this time an Elder.

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  • ScenicViewer

    Rebelfighter, it was a pleasure to read that! I'm impressed at how you can think on your feet and respond quickly!

  • rebelfighter


    Thank you. When the subject involves children and women it is pretty easy they happen to be my passions. I will fight for anyone's child any day not just mine. Same goes for women, hate to see women treated like second class citizens.

  • zeb
    RF. What a splendid 'witness' to reality you gave.
  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    So what exactly did Jackson lie about in his testimony? Watching hours and hours of those videos is not my idea of fun. Is there a TL:DR version somewhere?

    No Apologies

  • rebelfighter

    No Apologies,

    One classic lie that comes to mind since I am totally exhausted and ready for bed is question asked of Jackson: If someone is fading and the Elders should drop by and find them celebrating Christmas would they be subject to a JC, and DF? His response was something along the lines of: not to my understanding.

  • Diogenesister
    Fantastic...enjoyed reading it, great job. Sounds like he was OK, his authentic self is telling him its wrong to be prejudiced, let's hope it wins through some day!
  • steve2

    Rebelfighter - you rock!

  • rebelfighter

    Thank you, I saw the stroller and if I can keep a child from getting hurt I would have gone on for another hour. The only thing that stopped me was my favorite doctor's appointment.

    I have major issues with so many of those cartoons as does the general public.

    I hope this young man will take to heart what I said and something I said will sink in. He suggested that I go to their official website and I told him that I used to but refused to because the GB will only report to YOU a slanted version of the WT news. They tell only your good news none of your bad news.

  • rebelfighter
    Thanks Steve maybe now I will get put on the do not call list. LOL But I so enjoy removing some of the blindfolds that they are wearing. Like the "Elder" said one day you research everything! Yeap I do! When I have the time I do or the need.

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