Well, they came again. Really this time an Elder.

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  • rebelfighter

    So after the 2 Special Pioneers visited I thought I had given them an earful about the ARC and the pedophile problem in their organization surely they would have put me on the do not call list.

    OH, NO Not my luck I get an Elder and his lovely little mute wife with infant child in the stroller this morning at 9 AM. Don't these people have a job to go to? It was a car with 3 men & a woman.

    We go through the standard do you read the Bible yada yada, I tell them I know the routine very familiar with your game. I admitted i dated an Elder did not go into details. Are you aware of the ARC? Nope? Told him about G. Jackson lying his head off in a court of law along with Elders and all the others who lied. But I know you will not look that up. The actual video of his testimony is online but you will not dare to watch that.

    Talked about Lopez and Conti. He said there are a lot of lies out there about us. I said the are actual court cases you can go online and read the actual transcript but I am sure you will not.

    I suggested that they not take their child into a KH because you have no clue who is a pedophile. But our policies have changed we call authorities immediately in child abuse cases now. Really prove it I see all your BOE letters online and have seen no such thing. You call the service desk. There are more current letters. Bring me one and prove it.

    Then they tried to make their exit but wait a minute I have one other thing to say let's talk about Caleb and Sofia. Oh and you could tell she just wanted to run and hide. He must have turned every shade of red known to mankind. You must be speaking of the one on homosexuality. How did you know? Well it has caused somewhat of a stir. I explained my upbringing and all my gay dads and that i would take great offense if one of Sofia friends started to preach to one of my grandchildren about paradise. That my grandchildren will be well educuated on the JW false predictions 1975 and 2000 and the ARC and your kids will get an education too.

    He then admitted he has known through work and other place several homosexual couples and they are far more committed to their mates then some of the heterosexual couples.

    Then we went into the 15 year old reported on this forum that just got disfellowshiped and then tried to commit suicide. I told him that was outright disgusted they have no right doing any such thing. I am a Certified Adult Volunteer I work with youth from 10 to 20. Yes we do not consider them adults until they are 20. He said it was the parents responsibility not theirs. Plain and simply I just landed all over his butt at this point and told him NO it is your responsibility YOU do not cause this type of damage to a child. I have a doctor's appointment -- keep that child out of the KH until YOU do your parental homework. Have a nice life.

  • ToesUp
    Good job! You will NEVER see them again. lol
  • sir82

    Every JW's nightmare call.

    Well done.

  • millie210

    You poor sad misguided thing who believes lies on the internetz

    (heavy sarcazm on purrpose)

    GREAT job rebelfighter!

  • rebelfighter


    That is what I thought after the 2 Special Pioneers I kept for 30 minutes on their Memorial Day.


    Never a JW.

  • rebelfighter
    Thanks Millie210 just hope a seed was planted
  • xjwsrock
    Well sounds like you kicked some elder ass, lol. Good for you.
  • WingCommander

    I really do find it amazing that more JW's don't know about the ARC down in Australia, and that their OWN GB MEMBER testified, under OATH, and LIED his ass off!! If I were still a JW, and someone told me what you told that guy at the door, I'd have to go home and look online, just to prove to myself that it wasn't real. Can you imagine how JW's feel that go home do just that, only to find out with their own eyes what for groveling, lying, sniveling asshats they have for leaders once they see him (and all those other Elders) testimony, right on YouTube?

    The shock must nearly knock them over!

  • rebelfighter


    I covered enough ground I sure hope with that baby in that stroller that I planted at least a seed or two and he will be headed online looking something up. All I can do is hope for the best, that is my goal to make them question their beliefs. When I said you will not look up the court documents will you? He admitted you never know?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I really do find it amazing that more JW's don't know about the ARC down in Australia, and that their OWN GB MEMBER testified, under OATH, and LIED his ass off!!

    If you were to mention the ARC here in the US to anyone (JW), they would quickly assume that you found the information from an apostate website and that YOU SEARCHED FOR IT, rather than you stumbling across it.

    The OP is correct that this JW will not search for any of the info he was given about the ARC or any other "anti-JW" info. Like all delusional JWs, he is convinced it is all "apostate lies" or exaggerations or the "twisting" of the facts for the sole purpose of defaming Jehovah's Organization. Don't you know.......ALL the courts and everyone in the world are pawns of Satan.

    But hopefully some seeds have been planted and when this guy gets kicked in the ass by some CO or Bethel Heavy, they be watered enough to spout and he'll take a visit to Google.


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