The Label Of "Apostate" And It's Effects

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  • Splash
    Simon the apostate governing body

    I also like the False Prophet governing body. It''s provable and already carries a well understood meaning.

    Simon should have a script that inserts a prefix every time 'governing body' appears in a new post.

  • Finkelstein

    In fact all of the leaders of the Watchtower Corporation going back to its original roots of the late 1800's were false prophet charlatans, selling their literature and persuading people to work in distributing their literature as well giving them money.

    JWS have been tricked to do the work and purpose of the Watchtower Corporation not god's work and purpose as laid out by his son Jesus.

    Jehovah's holy spirit is nowhere near or associated with any modern day false prophets.

  • ttdtt

    In fairness Finkelstein - there is no such thing ad Dogs Holy Spirit - so cut them slack on that :)

  • sparrowdown

    When I first left the apostate label carried with it a feeling of shame now I could not care less about it, it's a meaningless term used by WT to demonize whistleblowers. The term no longer has any power over me because I know what it is designed to do and refuse to fall for it.

  • jp1692

    Why not [label them] the apostate governing body?

    Good idea. It certainly fits. This is NOT the religion I joined in the '80s.

    WT leadership from Rutherford to the current GB have gradually apostatized from pretty much every core teaching the CT Russell had when he formed this religion in the 19th century.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Sir 82:

    My opinion (valuable or valueless as it might be) is that the GB have not studied psychology. They are, for the most part, nitwits.

    JWs are far from the only group who use labeling to vilify their opposers. In fact, I'd say it is a hallmark of virtually any high-control group.

    I think it just sort of comes "organically". Leaders of high-control groups tend to have similar psychological & emotional profiles - that sort of person is "drawn" toward trying to control the thoughts & actions of others. I.e., such people tend to join, then "float" to the top of, such organizations.

    The methods for exercising control, including pejorative labeling of opposers, is something that "just happens naturally" - there is a path that virtually every such person or group stumbles across, that works for them.

    I agree. By some process the WTBorg Cult Inc. has imported the controlling tactics of numerous other cults. They may not understand the psychology behind the workings of such tactics but they certainly observe the results which apparently they find "very pleasing." Coupled with the truth that "Power Corrupts" as witnessed by the decades long efforts of The Cult to increase their power over the minds and bodies of their enslaved followers.

    I really love being an Apostate.

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