Dumb things JWs believed

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  • JimmyYoung

    I am not talking about the usual crap from the cult writings, but rather things idiots believed on their own. Maybe even helped on by the cult but not directly taught. I knew an old man now long gone Kunde in Michigan. He was an elder and would say the dumbest things. He and his wife would go to a chiropractor once a month even though they had little to no money and get an "adjustment" because disease started in the bones and bones being out of place. He would not do anything for a day after to let the adjustment "set". He would say the stupidest things like when you pee you have to get it all out. If you hold some in and don't finish it causes cancer. There was one sister who would sit in the second hall and have a speaker on so she did not have to sit with the others who used soap and shampoo that made her sick. She was sick but in the head not from the smell of soap. One of the idiot elders would say if you have the flu you cut an onion in half and put it next to your bed and it would absorb the sickness. Some of these idiots were so dumb.

  • hoser

    I actually feel sorry for some of these people. A lot of these illnesses and quirks are psychosomatic caused by the pressure of surviving in the cult.

  • Biahi

    Some elders said (from the platform) that in the new system, people will no longer have genitals. Lol

  • truth_b_known

    Some of the most disturbing things I heard, but were not Watchtower quotes -

    Dinosaur fossils were made by demons to get mankind to believe in evolution.

    All dinosaurs were herbivores. T-Rex's teeth were used to strip bark of trees to eat.

    Just about anything other than real medical assistance provided by licensed doctors worked better than real medicine (too many to list).

    Any urban legend in reference to Smurfs.

  • Giordano

    Hi Jimmy,

    There has always been a fascination with false information in the Witness world especially quick cures that don't work and false conclusions posing as real science.

    You can go back to the era of Miracle Wheat sponsored by Russell. Wheat that was sold to the Bible Students for many times more then regular wheat.

    On March 22, 1911, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that Russell was accused of gaining profit from a strain of wheat named "Miracle Wheat" by K.B. Stoner of Fincastle, Virginia, who claimed to have discovered this strain. Russell sold the wheat for $60 per bushel, far above the average cost of wheat at the time. Throughout 1912 and 1913, the Eagle continued to report on Russell's alleged fraud. Russell sued the Eagle for libel, but lost. A government expert investigated the "Miracle Wheat" and said it "was low in the Government tests". Prior to entering the court, the Eagle declared that "at the trial it will show that "Pastor" Russell's religious cult is nothing more than a money-making scheme."[87]


    And of course there was the entire pyramid fiasco.

    I remember on a personal level the friends were more then willing to believe in false cures especially relating to cancer..

    I recall that there was a certain loaf of bread that could cure cancer, there were coffee enemas and grape therapy and that aluminium cookware was a cancer cause.

    In the 1950's they tried to make the case that Blood transfusions were dangerous. A part from scripture it was medically wrong. This was after World War Two , Korea and Vietnam. And millions of troops saved.

    All in all we lost two members of our family well before their time that needed blood for a surgical procedure one to cure a heart defect and the other to be able to stay on the surgical table while they cut away tumors. Her blood pressure dropped with out blood and they had to stop the surgery.

    I guess there was a lot of misinformation re the Societies input on medical issues.

    I learned to never trust a corporation when they presented a 'certainly' as to an outcome. Especially anything from a religion.

  • JoenB75

    Well as some say, if T rex was created as a meat eater, the poor guy much have prayed and waited for the fall.. Also the purpose of dinos was to flatten the earth

  • JimmyYoung

    I forgot about some of these you guys bring up.I was told that the purpose of the dinosaurs was to make the earth ready for man, also I know of several people who went to Mexico or had the Mexican Coke cancer shot smuggled in for those who could not go. its Illegal in the USA. My father in law had it brought in for his son. I asked him, if you can not take blood to keep gods law then when the law tells you you can not have some drug and you break the law is that not going against gods law? He told me he did what was right. Just goes to show how they are huge hypocrites. Not sure if it was a Hoxsey shot or what it was but they used to call it the coke shot where I grew up. If anyone knows what that was let me know.

  • sir82

    the purpose of dinos was to flatten the earth

    No, no, no - the JWs told me that the purpose of the dinosaurs was to reproduce in great numbers, then die, then get covered with dirt, then [insert magic box here] they get turned into petroleum for humans to use thousands of years later.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    JWs just don't seem able to grow up! It makes me think they live in a child's confused world where magic explanations more readily trump scientific ones, the very way humanity lived in the past.

    If they have swallowed the Watchtower version of reality it is hardly surprising to find that they also believe in every other crack pot story and remedy doing the rounds

    ......And we were there once!

  • tiki

    Didn't some of these derive from quacky Awake articles? I'm pretty sure the aluminum one did.... Chiropractor adjustments were indeed popular. If it was not mainstream it was more acceptable apparently when it came to medicine and cures.

    The dinosaur theories get downright hilarious....we trod on dinosaur poop to this day.

    Pyramids AND pyramid schemes... Crystals ...special vitamin concoctions... And I recall one sister postulating that Armageddon would dissolve all marriages and survivors would re-mate.

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