I just turned 75 and here is a giant steaming pile of my "Wisdumb"

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  • pistolpete

    Almost all of them are way unhealthy and look awful.

    Terry that was a good post. It's true what you say at least from my observation.

    My girl's family side have never been JWS, and all of them have lived interesting, fulfilling lives. No only that, but they put their mind to work and have even been able to leave "Trusts" to all their children. My girl was left with a Trust of several million dollars. She never will have to work to care for herself, yet she went to college and has three degrees because she wants to learn about the world, she is involved several organizations that help children who were born with some defect or have cancer. She has traveled all over the world.

    All her relatives who are past 80 look like they are late 40s or early 50s. They don't worry about the end coming, and I think that the JW's preoccupation with Armageddon has a lot to do with acquiring an unhealthy physical and mental makeup that tears at a person's life span.

    The JWs on my side of the family who are in their 40s look like they are in their 70s. When I talk with them they have nothing to talk about because they know very little about the world we live in or life in general.

    All they take about is the New Order this and the New Order that.

    The ones that have woken up have nothing but regrets and are trying to catch up on life.

    I always believe that once you become aware of TTATT, and if you are young enough to live a life, ---- LEAVE IMMEDIATLY--- CUT OF ALL WT FRIENDS, START A NEW LIFE, and even if it means losing family, because if you stay for the sake of family who is willing to leave you at a moments notice if don't follow the WT agenda, then it's obvious that that kind of family is not worth staying.

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