I just turned 75 and here is a giant steaming pile of my "Wisdumb"

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  • IWant2Leave

    That’s good stuff Terry. I already used a couple of these jokes tonight. Happy birthday!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Happy birthday Terry! You are 1 month ahead of me....so I relate to almost everything you said. Thanks for the laughs as well.

  • jonahstourguide


    Congrats on your milestone and thanks for the reminders of what we all witnessed.

    Mate. I'm five years behind you but am fully aware of all the notable events you documented.

    I'm in stitches laughing and reminiscing.

    Happy birthday and may you enjoy as many more as we all hope to.


  • titch

    Terry: Congratulations on your first 75 years...a and, I wish you the very best of success on your NEXT 75 years. Best Regards.....


  • Terry

    With old age also comes delusion and loss of acuity.
    The Escalator was a glitch in my Matrix.
    Getting the vacuum cleaner wrong really sucks.

    I went to bed early on the 15th and "thought" I was getting up the next day (16th) but
    I had only slept a single hour! I kept waiting for the sun to rise and became very alarmed it wasn't happening.
    Now that really messed with my sense of time and space!

    Thanks for the kind words and fact-checking!
    Much obliged...

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Thank you for the curated quotes, top quality stuff. Love the last one. Happy birthday!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Happy 75 Terry.

    I wish my 78 year old JW mom would leave the cult.

    But what happens if she wakes up from the matrix?

    Widowed. All alone in rural southern US. Which is better knowing or not at that point?

    How did all you older ones leave it?


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Happy birthday, Terry!

    Hope you had a good one

  • pistolpete

    Happy birthday Terry.

    I wonder what kind of changes I will see by the time I turn 75????

    I'm 31

    Perhaps the live-span will increase by a couple of hundred years and I live to be 275.

  • Terry

    I'm really good "friends" with a Brother who was in prison with me back in the late sixties.
    He put together a Reunion of prison Brothers.

    Here's the thing...
    All of us (about 50 still alive) are about the same age. I'm OUT of the organization and they remained IN the org.
    I have a pretty accurate comparison.

    Here is a list I compiled in my head.

    1. Almost all of them are way unhealthy and look awful.
    2. I'm not the judge of anybody but - it appears to me they've all pretty much wasted their lives.
    3. It is STUNNING how little they know about anything. (I'm not being "critical" just to be mean.)
    3. As far as I can tell, nobody has led an interesting life of creativity, exploration, grand experience, or a rich
    existence of self-improvement. They are vegetables in a shaded garden.
    4. Absolutely NONE of the Brothers explores the World Wide Web. It is all rattlesnakes to them.
    5. I would compare my beloved old friends to captives who remain in a concentration camp even though the gates are unlocked and the doors wide open. These Brothers are like birds in a zoo who remain in the fake rain forest.
    6. I find myself sick at my stomach but can't bear the thought I could be JUST LIKE THEM had I remained "faithful".
    7. I almost feel like I'd be killing them if I unloaded a dump of information exposing the WatchTower corporation. To have lived your entire life inside a LIE would kill them - and they'd lose family and friends and have no place to go.

    The one Bro I remain friends with is a lot like me intellectually and I can tell he sees what's "wrong" with the Org but he's "waiting on Jehovah" and truly believes with all his heart we are at the end of the end of the end of the....well - you know how that BS goes, don't you?

    On my 75th birthday, I am truly GRATEFUL I got out and lived a rich life and made true friends with actual love in their hearts.
    My exercise, fresh air, reasonable diet, and non-JW family and friends is so much better than the gray, depressing, fruitless torpor of Jehovah's Witnesses over the age of 60.

    I may be delusional but I feel I live in the Best of Times and not the Worst, if for no other reason --I am not one of THEM!

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