"You don't go to church in a Kingdom Hall"

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  • stephanie61092

    "You don't go to church in a Kingdom Hall" was stated during the public talk yesterday. The speaker then elaborated that "people who go to church, go to fulfill a spiritual obligation. Coming to the Kingdom Hall is coming to learn. We don't come here to sit for a social purpose. We come here to engage and learn."

    While I couldn't actually laugh, as I was scribbling in my notebook i wrote down "LOL!" What a joke! How can anyone claim engaging learning takes place in a KH? Learning takes place with questioning, experimenting, and reciprocal conversation. NONE of those things happen in any meetings. The only engaging process is when people raise their hands to answer questions with underlined answers straight from the material, maybe with a little personal flair.

  • TheListener
    Spoken like true Pharisees
  • Giordano

    That's a good observation. Even back in the early 1960's there was no learning going on. It was just the WT mumbo Jumbo and everything repeated over and over again.

    I haven't carried anything forward from the Societies nonsense. Speaking of nonsense......... Russell's and Rutherford's junk has also been dismissed.

    They only 'learned' us theocratic obedience that they improved on now they are able to pull marriages and families apart and destroy teens who got baptized too early and then screwed up.

  • Diogenesister

    Er...so they are saying spirituality has nothing to do with what happens at a KH???

    Come to be programmed and leave your love for your fellows - your sociability with your brothers, and your spiritual need at the door.


    We come here to engage and learn."

    Try saying "ANYTHING" in a Kingdom Hall or WBT$ Setting....

    Thats not WBT$ Scripted and WBT$ Approved..



    ....I Have an Original Thought of My own..............That`s Not In The Watchtower Script!..

    ..Image result for Businessman talking..................Image result for Angry Boss

  • sparrowdown

    He's partly right, you do go to a KH to learn how to be a mindless WTbot, via endless repetition of WT propoganda and misinformation.

    Remember folks, repetition for mind control.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Was he suggesting that there are JWs that go to meetings for any reason other than obligation? Alls I know is that anytime there's snow on the ground and meeting gets canceled, no one is disappointed.
  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    I found that after 30 years of the same WT garbage it came to a point that I was not learning anything at the KH. IT was just two hours of tuning out and having a nap. Just all the same repetition from one meeting to the next. I know if I walked into a KH tomorrow after not being in one for over 15 years it will be just more of the same.
  • sparrowdown
    Isn't your brain still taking in info while tuned out and dozing? I think it's called hypnosis lol.
  • joe134cd
    You should of told him how we are a hiracheal religion just like the catholic church. Similar to a pope giving orders to his cardinals. Lol

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