"You don't go to church in a Kingdom Hall"

by stephanie61092 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • WTWizard

    And what do they learn? Rubbish. Toys that barely tie in with magic are banned. Children are to stay awake and not to play during boasting sessions (that take all their play time and often run way past bedtime on school nights). Vacation is limited to that ratty tour of a boring factory. Ice cream cone money is banned because it needs to be donated into the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Pets (dogs, rats, cats, and so on) that children are attached to are to be abandoned so they can move to "where the need is greater".

    They also learn that poverty is expected. Donate all your money. Quit your good job, if you still have one, and pious-sneer. Do not invest anything in silver or gold. Do not take the children to the amusement park. Do not seek to enjoy anything. Do everything in a rush, such as eating and whatever necessary errands and repair work you need to do, so you can get to unreasonable boasting sessions and field circus. Your health is of no account, because you can serve joke-hova while suffering. Is THIS spiritual?

    In fact, anything truly spiritual is banned. How many jokehovian children know the 12 signs of the zodiac? Do they know even three aspects between the planets? Do they know the mantra of the Sun? (Hint: There are several different Sun mantras.) How many of them know simple void meditation, even if they cannot practice it because their souls are so fxxxed up due to Christi-SCAM-ity in past lives? How many even know about the concept of past or future lives? Let alone naming even three of the Zodiac signs, do they know anything about even one of them? Do they know anything about any of the planetary energies? Do they know anything about the white light, or visualizing? (Hint: Most of them practice the visualization each time they envision themselves in paradise under joke-hova.)

    The job of a church, or a religion, is to teach people about the soul and the energy of the universe. It is supposed to teach people to interface with this energy, and what happens with this energy. It is supposed to teach people what happens after you die. And this religion does none of the above--it teaches people to be afraid of this energy and it lies about what happens after you die. As I see it, any church that does not properly teach these things (including astrology, vibrating mantras and runes, and directing energy) is not worth anything.

    stephanie61092 - Oh please PM me and give me his contact details so that I can "fellowship" with him from my part of the world ! African Style !
  • Pubsinger
    I just LOVE the way they can miraculously read the hearts and minds of millions of people who go to churches other than theirs. It truly is a gift they have.
    If there is no worship at the kingdom hall, then where and when does one worship? Does one worship with others?
  • punkofnice
    As I thought, the Kingdom Hell is a sales seminar. When I believed in magic sky daddy I found that the churches actually attempted to worship god. The JWs worship men that protect paedophiles.

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