Interesting conversation with JW friend

by Jules Saturn 32 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • maccauk

    the sin issue has been dealt with past present and future. Thats the whole purpose of Christ sacrifice. The reconciliation back to God has taken place. All you need to do is live with faith and love. You have been set free in Christ for all time see christians rising youtube

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Without wishing to discourage your good conversations with JWs Jules, it is worth reminding ourselves the origins of the Bible. When discussing scriptures it makes no sense to infer anything of importance from it.

    The fact is that the Bible is mainly borrowed from earlier pagan sources just as the account of the resurrection of Lazarus was. What a coincidence that the Egyptian Christ Horus also resurrected "his friend" Lazarus thousands of years before 'Jesus' did.

    Truly no one is ever brought back from the dead, these are just religious stories, they were never meant to be truthful accounts.

    If you read a book which tells of dead people living again, animals which speak human languages and of impossible magic events, then we know for sure we are reading fantasy literature and not fact.

  • Incognito
    it couldn't be possible, for me anyways, for angels (spiritual superior beings) to find attractiveness and lust in humans because those are human traits. - Jules

    In humans, attraction is largely influenced by hormones.

    If angels which are supposedly genderless spirit creatures, lusted after human woman, does this then imply that angels are equipped with hormones?

    Even if an angel could lust after a female human and equip itself with a sex organ, how could that angel produce sperm that is somewhat compatible with the human female's egg so as to result in giant hybrid offspring? When humans have sex with another species, a hybrid species is not produced.

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