What Is Truth?

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  • waton

    coming back to the linguistic concept of truth. The dutch term waar-heid is also related to our "ware" , like in warehouse, where we keep the "goods" the goodies. so,

    the concept of truth is related to what is of value, proven in time. even increasing in value with age, , like wine, " in vino veritas"

    what is real, like in real-estate. that has verifiable borders. will be there in the future , we hope / know , now,

    Ps: and thinking of that glass of wine, " Verite' " in French implies withstanding verification, or the assault of falsification in the scientific method.

    a truthful, valuable theory, equation has to make predictions, those, projected into the future, if happening correctly, accordingly. proves that the theory describes nature correctly, truthfully.

    wt has proven to have no such valuable theory. or source of truth. or?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The dutch term waar-heid is also related to our "ware" , like in warehouse - I didn't know this.

    I know German, and waarheid is the Dutch equivalent of the German Wahrheit (truth).

  • OnTheWayOut
    Just because you believe something as truth, it doesn’t make it truth
  • minimus

    Otwo,, u r so smart

  • OnTheWayOut

    I had a long answer after that quote but the forum dropped it or I didn't enter it correctly.

    Just because something is not true, a person can believe it and is not lying when they say that something.
    If they are not lying, they are telling the truth- although it is an incomplete truth that leaves out that it is really an opinion.

    A great example would be repeating all the nonsense about voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Those people believe what they are saying even though they are repeating lies from someone else.
    Religion is like that too.

    People are so sure that truth should be objective, but in practice, it is dealt with as subjective. All truths are subjective.

  • waton

    If they are not lying, they are telling the truth

    OTWO, that is a very narrow definition of "truth".

    The truth of the matter, any matter to my mind, encompasses all the facets that can be discerned. orr not yet, even,

    one's narrow or broad perspective about the truth, the facts is just opinions, with a limited shelf life.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    JWs have the truth. that is why they have the book : "What did the bible used to teach". A sucessor if the infamous Truth book

  • minimus

    A person can repeat a lie that they believe to be truth. It doesn’t take away from the fact that if something clearly isn’t true whether you believed it to be trustworthy or not, it’s still not truth. Otwo, like when Hillary Clinton told everyone she lost the election because of Russian interference and that Putin had dirt on Trump. Even if she truly believed it, if it’s not true “ what difference does it make “???

  • OnTheWayOut

    Me: If they are not lying, they are telling the truth
    Waton: OTWO, that is a very narrow definition of "truth".

    That is not at all a definition of truth. That is a true statement that begins the discussion.
    One's narrow perspective on the matter, the facts available- that is what they make into "truth."

    Water is wet- from the perspective of an animal living on Earth.
    Fire is hot- from the perspective of a lifeform that is living at a lower temperature than fire.
    If I load a statement of truth with clarifications, it shows the subjective point of view:
    The sun, the star that humans on planet earth orbit, has an average temperature of 5,600 degrees Celsius, which is a scale of heat based on the freezing and boiling properties of water on that same planet.

    To say "The sun is hot" is subjective. To say "The sun is specifically [such-and-such temperature]" is still subjective. Our truths are possibly meaningless across the universe where completely different subjective truths can be found. It's easy to say we all know whose prospective we are talking about when we say "The sun is hot" but humans tend to think it's easy to know whose prospective we are using with just about anything, and it just isn't so. White people in the USA are sure this is a truth- "Cooperate fully with the police because they are just trying to maintain law, order, and public safety." But they forget other perspectives.

    I didn't bother to say such statements because people can extrapolate that for themselves, or they can deny that with their own thoughts, proving that opinions on truth are subjective.

  • minimus

    True versus not true. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe. If it’s true than it’s true. If it’s not, it’s not.

    Example: JWs have been taught that the superior authorities were government. They then were taught it was Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. Then they were taught it was government. Just because they were taught that Jehovah and Jesus were the superior authorities and they believed it, what difference does it make??They were accepting a meaning that was FALSE.

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